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Trish Regan

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Trish Regan, former Fox News anchor babe.
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And a dirty dozen more

Trish Regan (1972-) is a former Faux News anchor and the poor man's Laura Ingraham clone.

She hosted her own primetime show from 2015 to 2020, though she was also previously a host at CNBC from 2007 to 2012. Like most reporters on fox (the likes of Laura Ingraham and Megyn Kelly), she espouses standard conservative bigotry and left-wing bashing. While she was for the most part generally benign compared to her fellow pundits, she has stated several moronic opinions.

General stupidity[edit]

  • Claimed that Denmark was socialist and compared Denmark to Venezuela[1], and she received massively negative feedback for that statement, to which she backtracked and doubled down on her stupidity.[2]
  • She made claims that Covid-19 was just "a hoax" by democrats to make trump look bad.[3]
  • She spread misinformation on NHS's policy of anti-discrimination[4]
  • She claimed racism was a "democrat excuse" to impeach trump.[5]

A well deserved firing[edit]

Trish Regan was laid off from the Fox Network in 2020 after downplaying covid (much like her fellow news hosts) and causing the deaths of millions of americans.[6]