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Hippocrates Health Institute

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The Hippocrates Health Institute is a self-styled "leader" in the field of "natural & alternative health care" based in Florida. Mostly, though, it's a spa, offering massages, facial treatments, and fitness therapy, as well as such enticements as wheatgrass scalp treatment and colon hydrotherapy.[1] It also sells essential oils and EMF protection gear, as well as a variety of nutritional supplements.[2] More recently, they have sold a combination of homeopathic formulas and dietary supplements claimed "to help combat both the effects of Covid-19, and to Detox after taking the Vaccination".[3]

Cancer death[edit]

A young girl who was undergoing "treatment" at the institute had parents who refused chemotherapy and surgery for her condition. She died in January, 2015. As a result, the director of the institute, a naturopath, was ordered to stop practicing medicine.[4] The order was later rescinded because the prosecutor's office deemed there to be insufficient evidence to pursue a trial.[5]