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Islamic Education & Research Academy

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The Islamic Education & Research Academy (iERA) is an international organisation devoted to informing the public about Islam.[1] It is chaired by Abduraheem Green (also known as Abdur Rahim Green), a Tanzanian-born British man who converted to Islam in 1988 after losing faith in Christianity and having a three-year fling with Buddhism.[2][3]

Green is an advocate of cutting thieves' hands off, believing that the only alternative is to send them to prison, thereby allowing them to meet other criminals. He also prescribes a "slow and painful death by stoning" for adulterers, supports a similar punishment for homosexuals, and condemns "free mixing between sexes."[4]

Amongst the Academy's advisors have been the infamous Haitham al-Haddad, along with such questionable individuals as Bilal PhilipsWikipedia, Hakim Quick, and Hussein Yee, the last of whom blames Jews for 9/11.[5][6]

The Academy objected to a documentary by Tom Holland that aired in September 2012 entitled Islam: the Untold Story. In this programme, Holland argued that the Arab conquests of the seventh century were not performed by Muslims, and implied that Mohammed may never have even existed. The Academy complained that "Holland appears to have turned a blind eye to rich Islamic historical tradition."[7] Ophelia Benson replied pithily that an accurate history is more important than a rich one.[8]

In March 2013, iERA was banned from the University College London after objections to a gender-segregated event which it held there. "We are truly living in the last days... Allah knows best", opined a spokesman.[9]

According to the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain the iERA aims clandestinely to normalize Islamism, its norms and values while appearing superficially charitable and like missionaries. This includes encouraging others to hate Jews, gays, former Muslims, women, non Muslims and the less extreme majority of Muslims. The Charity Commission is investigating the iERA. [10]

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