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James Allen Hydrick or "The Master Blower" (not sexually) (born February 28, 1959) is an American fraudulent psychic and a convicted child molester. He claimed to have telekinetic abilities. He was particularly known for blowing moving a pencil from one end of the table to another, and also lifting a page in a phone book by blowing, I mean... uh woo-woo [1] Later, Hydrick confessed that he wanted to see how dumb people could actually get.[2]

Debunked by Randi[edit]

Notable skeptic James Randi offered to pay him $10,000 if he could demonstrate his phone book page lifting under certain controls. Hydrick showed up in ridiculous apparel. After bitching complaining about some static electricity hindering him, he failed (as usual).[3]


In 1989, Hydrick was sentenced to 17 years for molesting five boys in Huntington Beach, California.[4] Presently he continues to blow minds at the Coalinga State Hospital.[5]


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