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James Van Praagh

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By the powers of tinfoil

James Van Praagh claims to be able to talk to the dead. He's a producer of Ghost Whisperer, which he claims is based on real-life events (i.e. his life). Like all mediums, he's full of shit.[1]

A journalist who was present during a show saw van Praagh talk to people during the warm-up, and use that same information later during the show. He still got it so wrong that it was "almost comical", but the televised episode was heavily edited so it looked much "better". Audience members also have to sign a gigantic release form which (among other things) forbids them from talking to the media about what they saw during the show.[2]


  1. Miklos Jako made this video to show how wrong Praagh is in a "reading"
  2. Penn & Teller: Bullshit, episode 1.01, Talking to the dead, starting at about 14:00