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Ghost Whisperer

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Ghost Whisperer was a fictional television drama series (2005-2010) produced by CBS television, in which the protagonist, Melinda Gordon (played by Jennifer Love Hewitt), was able to "see" and communicate with ghosts, with assorted paranormal tropes (e.g. flying ouija boards, mobile phones sending messages out of the blue, roses appearing out of nowhere). One of the show's executive producers was the self-proclaimed "medium" James Van Praagh, so inevitably the show stooped into proselytizing that ghosts really exist and that those who don't believe are "closed minded." This usually involved stereotyping characters into two groups - those that are skeptical (usually portrayed as middle-aged, sometimes wear glasses, slightly overweight, lonely, and have no social life) and those that believe (usually young adults or teens, hunky, slim and beautiful (a la Jennifer Love Hewitt)). If skeptics and believers were swapped with African-American and white, this show would never get past NAACP.

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