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The fault in our stars
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Adding epicycles
A planet is a star and a star is a planet.
—Jeffrey Wolynski[1]

Jeffrey J. Wolynski (1984–) is an obscure, scarcely-known physics crank. Despite his exaggerated claims, he's virtually unknown to mainstream physics, and the only people who take him seriously are other wannabe physicists, conspiracy theorists, UFO nuts, Nibiru believers, Electric Universe, and aetherometry proponents.

Stellar metamorphosis[edit]

In his theory of stellar metamorphosis, Wolynski - the self-proclaimed "top dog in astronomy"[2]- claims to have solved the mystery of star and planet formation. Unfortunately, this problem was only unsolved in his mind to begin with. He argues that stars slowly evolve into planets (an idea that can be traced back to Nicholas de Cusa, Lord Kelvin, Alexander Oparin, Anthony Abruzzo, and even René Descartes) and that every planet is just an ancient star (possibly trillions of years old).[1][3][4][5]

He stresses the reason why we call older stars "planets" is because of an ancient Greek communication error, as the very term "planet" means "wandering star". He claims the older/evolving stars orbit young hot ones, as the younger hotter ones usually have much larger gravitational fields.

He embraces a long list of bizarre ideas such as matter being the real vacuum, and that the Big Bang never happened, as well as red giant stars being much closer than what parallax measurements allow for thus meaning they are not giant stars but close red dwarfs (which was originally proposed by J. Thacker), an overview of why the iron catastropheWikipedia never happened, an alternative interpretation of the rock cycle and process of Earth's formation via physical vacuum vapor deposition (PVD) inside of a young star (meaning stars are not fusion reactors but are mainly electrochemical/thermochemical). He claims that stars are mainly shining because of exothermic reactions between molecules on very large scales. He also claims that the sun is hollow, which allows it to shrink in size (gravitationally collapse) forming an iron/nickel core from the incoming meteorites/asteroids and eventually becoming a life-hosting planet (ancient star). This means not only are stars actually planets but that a planet is an ancient evolving/evolved/dead star, and there was never any real difference between the two concepts.

Hollow suns[edit]

Wolynski wholeheartedly claims that the sun is hollow. He claims that the sun will shrink, cool, and collapse upon itself like a giant balloon as it contains no interior core. According to his fringe theory of stellar metamorphosis, the sun is not fusion powered but is a giant dissipative event formed as a result of galaxy growth. It will become an orange dwarf star and then a red dwarf as it evolves over its next stages of (stellar) evolution.

He claims that the sun is much younger than the Earth and is a relatively young star. In his theory, all young stars do not possess cores but are hollow structures that will gravitationally collapse until the coulomb barrier is reached and the star stabilizes into a solid ball.[6]

Natural Philosophy Alliance[edit]

He is a member of the crank group Natural Philosophy Alliance, where his profile describes his occupation as "Scientific Revolutionary"[7] — and yes, that's him in Marine Corps dress blues on the picture. (For comparison, Wallace Thornhill, of Thunderbolts of the Gods fame, is described with the humble "Physicist".[8])

Other nonsense[edit]

Wolynski wholeheartedly embraces the idea that extraterrestrial life is currently visiting Earth on a weekly basis, if not daily, and that their technology is far superior to ours. It is not known if he claims to have been abducted or has even seen a UFO, but his stance of their engagement with Earth is clear.

Personal Life[edit]

Wolynski is known to have at least one arrest for DUI[9].

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