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The fault in our stars
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Adding epicycles

Pseudoastronomy (not to be confused with astrology) is a subset of pseudophysics that claims to have found additional astronomical bodies, different ways of forming/developing astronomical bodies, different physics of the Universe, or just straight-up doom-mongering. And of course, creationists have found many very scientific-sounding ways to explain away problems in their 6,000-year-old Earth.

Many of these pseudoastronomical claims fall into the category of "Earth changes", which is as vague as it is apocalyptic.

None of these theories are scientifically supported.

Additional astronomical bodies[edit]

  • Planet X: A hypothetical tenth ninth planet. It's used in a wide variety of pseudoastronomy, so claims about its nature are inconsistent.
  • Nibiru: Like Planet X, but more Zecharia Sitchin-y.
  • Hercólubus: A giant planet that will fly by Earth, cause volcanoes to erupt and kill everyone in a cataclysm. The only solution is astral projection.
  • Nuitari Lilith, a claimed second moon of Ansalon Earth so dark that it is invisible.
  • Vulcan: no, not Mr. Spock's home, but an alleged planet further into the Sun than Mercury.

Different formation/development methods[edit]





  • Cellular cosmogony: The Earth's surface is the inside surface of a sphere. The entire Universe fits within this sphere, because of gravitational distortion. Right.

Alternate physics[edit]


  • Geomagnetism: A geomagnetic reversal will end civilization and/or life as we know it! Discount the previous 170-171 times this has happened in the past 76 million years!
  • Pole shift: Earth will flip over, and human civilization will flip its shit.
  • Comet Elenin: It's gonna fuck shit up.Oh wait... it passed by harmlessly and then disintegrated. Never mind.
  • CW Leonis: It's obviously Nibiru and/or Comet Elenin and/or impending doom!




  • Maurice Cotterell: Claims that the Sun directly affects female fertility, civilizational rise and fall, and human life and death.
  • Mike Bara: Among Bara's many mistaken ideas about astronomy, he's a proponent of solar fission--which was a favorite of the maverick astronomer Thomas Van Flandern.
  • Stephen J. Crothers: Rejects most of modern physics, with a special emphasis on the claim that black holes do not exist.
  • Richard C. Hoagland: Whines about NASA and finds weird-looking shit on Mars.
  • James McCanney: Both the Sun and comets are electrically charged. Comets contain no ice whatsoever.
  • ZetaTalk: A cult that claims to talk with aliens. Claimed that Nibiru would pass Earth in 2003; it didn't.
  • Time Cube: Gene Ray's idiocy knows no bounds.
  • Stars are Souls: Stars are souls. No, really.
  • David Icke: Depending on his mood, claims the Moon is either hollow, an alien spacecraft, an interdimensional portal or doesn't exist at all. He also makes unusual claims about Saturn.
  • W. Cleon Skousen: A Mormon apologist who believed that God's home planet, Kolob, exists in orbit around Sagittarius A*, what we now believe the be the super-massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way.
  • Scientology: The Xenu mythology posits a galactic federation ruled the Milky Way 75,000,000 years ago. Hubbard, in official church scripture, recounts events occurring "four quadrillion" years in the past, or about 289,855 times older than the current age of the Universe.
  • Robert Temple and his writings on the Dogon


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