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Joshiryoku (女子力, "woman power") is a word that appeared in Japan circa 2000. It became popular in the Japanese language in 2009, and is still in vogue.[1]

Contrary to what the above direct translation may imply for English speakers, joshiryoku is not a "feminist" expression, but rather is used to describe a person's femininity or "womanliness." Those with high joshiryoku would typically be considered proficient in maintaining a polished, feminine appearance in areas like makeup, nails, hair, skincare, and clothing. The concept also extends to personality, with traits like likeability, sensitivity, fashionableness, and politeness considered signs of high joshiryoku, along with proficiency in other traditionally feminine skills like cooking.[2]


When joshiryoku is judged to be high[edit]

  • Women who wear feminine clothes
  • Women who are good at cooking
  • Women who use polite language
  • Women who do not make their point too strongly

When joshiryoku is judged to be low[edit]

  • Women who have too much sex appeal
  • Women who use coarse language
  • Women who do not wear makeup (mask-wearing women are generally exempt)
  • Women of high spirits

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