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Lindsay and Pluckrose laughing at their hoax papers
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The grievance studies hoax, also sometimes dubbed Sokal Squared, was a stunt conducted by three scholars — James Lindsay, Helen Pluckrose, and Peter BoghossianWikipedia's W.svg — in which they teamed up and wrote 20 fake articles under false identities in fields they believed to be "grievance studies". Such fields included gender studiesWikipedia's W.svg and queer studies,Wikipedia's W.svg among others; the authors aimed to expose the low standards in these disciplines and willingness to publish bullshit if it comported with the reviewers' left-wing beliefs. The authors then submitted these articles to various peer-reviewed journals in a relevant field to see if the articles would get published or rejected. The hoax unraveled and had to come to an abrupt end in October 2018 when a Wall Street Journal reporter started noticing some fishy aspects about "Helen Wilson", one of the fabricated academics listed as an author on one of the papers. In total, 7 of the submissions were accepted and 4 of those were published before retraction, 5 more were still under review when the hoax ended, and 9 were rejected outright.[1][2][3]

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