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A death clock is, as the name suggests, an estimate of the time left until one dies. Numerous "death clock" websites can be found online[1] which require one to fill out a bunch of lifestyle information, such as the average number of cigarettes smoked, the number of intoxicants ingested, and the amount of alcohol taken in a specific time period, as well as family health history, the age of one's parents' death, and other such things. Perhaps the most popular death clock website — the creatively and memorably named "" — claims to be "The Internet's friendly reminder that life is slipping away…"[2]

Popular culture[edit]

  • A death clock was parodied in an episode of the animated comedy Futurama, in which Professor Farnsworth invented a clock which displayed the date of one's death simply by the user pushing a button on the device.
  • In an episode of the British sitcom the IT Crowd, the character Roy unknowingly partakes in an online death clock test, which specifies a date and a specific time (3 p.m.) for his death.
  • The 2019 horror movie CountdownWikipedia features a demonic death clock app that hastens its users' deaths if they attempt to avoid their deaths. Of course, practically everyone in the movie breaks the user agreement, so the entire plot revolves around trying to beat the Countdown app.

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