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Knights Templar International

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Knights Templar International is a far-right 'news' organization prevalent as shares on Facebook gutter pages. As hinted by their name, they claim to be defenders of Christianity against the Muslim invaders and haven't quite realised that the Third Crusade ended a while ago. This hate group is not to be confused with the benign Knights Templar, a Masonic organization which completely disavows Knights Templar International.


KTI are known for their blatant manipulation of news stories and taking advantage of their followers' prejudices and (un)likelihood of reading past suggestive headlines. One article had them complain of the British Legion being banned from selling poppies at Birmingham city centre (yes that Birmingham), leading to a backlash of people blaming Muslims.[1] In reality it was a recycling of a five-year-old story on the Daily Telegraph about the city centre only allowing one charity group dominance of the centre per day (and lost out to a homeless charity).[2] Most recently, KTI were outed in the NY Times for attempting to manipulate the election in the USA toward Trump

Refugee crisis[edit]

As a response to the Syrian refugee crisis, they have turned much darker by establishing a militia near the Turkish border. Intent on preventing safe passage or asylum for refugees. They have donned camouflage and rifles, donated to them by fellow Hungarian Neo-Nazis and European far-right parties such as Britain First. Ex-Calvinist minister Jim Dowson has come forward as an ardent supporter and has appeared in propaganda publicity shots for the group.[3] The actual identities of KTI were confirmed by the anti-hate group IRBF as Nick 'BNP' Griffin, Jim 'Britain First' Dowson and pro life campaigner Imrey Teglasy.

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