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Jim Dowson (1964–) is a right-wing British political campaigner and former Calvinist minister.[1] Based in Ballygowan, Northern Ireland, he also led an anti-abortion campaign, the UK Life LeagueWikipedia.

Dowson has been involved with a number of right-wing groups, most notably the British National Party from 2007 to 2010; as an active fundraiser for the party he earned a reputation as "the person who owned the BNP".[1] Other groups that he has been affiliated with include an anti-abortion outfit called the UK LifeLeague.[2] Despite his connection to the racist BNP, Dowson seems to be less interested (though not entirely uninterested) in racial politics and more involved with the kind of right-wing religious campaigning associated more with the United States than with Britain.

In 2010 Shelley Rose, a former BNP candidate, publicly claimed that Dowson had lured her into a hotel room and groped her. Dowson denied this accusation and claimed that Rose was trying to smear him for being a party hardliner, as opposed to "people like Nick Griffin who want to open the party to Asians and other groups". Dowson left the BNP shortly afterwards.[3][4]

In May 2011 Dowson and his colleague Paul Golding announced the establishment of Britain First. The group focuses more on religion, being strongly pro-Christian, anti-Islam and anti-abortion.[1] Britain First has spawned a couple of appendages: its political wing the National People's Party[5] and the English National Resistance (not to be confused with the openly white nationalist group of the same name), a protest group co-founded by representatives of the English Defence League, the English Democrats and the South East Alliance.[6][7] However, in 2014, Dowson left Britain First as he was completely shocked to find that BF was full of "racists and extremists" (*gasp*), adding that "going into their mosques and stirring them up and provoking them is political madness and a bit rude".[8] Well, you know what they say about a stopped clock...

Dowson is a homophobe and appears to believe that gays should be executed. When somebody quoted Leviticus 20:15 (the infamous verse prescribing the death penalty for homosexuality) on his Facebook page, his response was "Indeed so and Amen!"[9]