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LGBTP, also known as HeartProgress or LoveIsAgeless, is a fake campaign manufactured by 4chan's /b/.[1] The campaign allegedly desires to add "P" (to represent "pedosexuals") to the LGBT abbreviation. This should not be confused with those who use a "P" to include pansexual, polyamorous, or polysexual people, as in e.g. "LGBTQIAP"; the acronym "LGBTP" in specific is never used by the LGBT+ community, even for including pansexuals, polysexuals, etc.[2][3]

Pedophiles themselves may use it for entryist-esque reasons, though fact checkers have not found evidence of any widespread push among pedophiles for inclusion in the LGBTQ umbrella.[4] Unsurprisingly, Amos YeeWikipedia used this image to promote pedophilia.[5]

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