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Cabinet of Donald Trump

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The farce that typified a Trump cabinet meeting: 3 of the 4 nameplates say "acting", and the guy without a nameplate is an actor. The actor needs a photo of himself front-and-center for self-assurance.
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The Cabinet of Donald Trump was the wealthiest in American history,[1] in addition to being the least qualified overall.[2]

Major members[edit]

People are listed alphabetically according to their first names.


  • Alex Azar,Wikipedia former President of pharmaceutical company Eli Lily, as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Spent most of his tenure trying to dismantle ObamaCare and trying to define transgender people out of existence.[3] Azar is a joyful regulator.[4]
    • Azar replaced Tom Price,Wikipedia former Congressman from Georgia, who got pushed out after 8 months for using military jets for personal travel.[5]
  • Alexander Acosta,Wikipedia as Secretary of Labor is unusual as he doesn’t appear to be a clueless, millionaire/billionaire hack or someone actively loathing the agency he is in charge of. However, he wasn't Trump's first pick. Resigned due to public pressure from his having in 2007-2008 as US Attorney granted billionaire pedophile scumbag Jeffrey Epstein immunity for all but two crimes.
  • Ben Carson — Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: To his credit (if nothing else), Carson at least admits to being a terrible pick for the job — that didn't stop him from taking the job though.[8]


Barr replaced Jeff Sessions.[10] He saw some tension with the Trump, especially after recusing himself from the Russia probe. In November 2018, he resigned at the request of President.[11] Barr's statement that the DOJ found no widespread election fraud in the 2020 U.S. presidential election infuriated Trump[12] — perhaps Barr was tired of the circus by that point.
  • James "Mad Dog" Mattis, a retired Marine general, as Secretary for Defense (I thought you knew more than the generals, Donnie?). One of the few people in the Administration with the relevant qualifications and expertise. Left early.
  • John F. Kelly,Wikipedia a retired general, as Secretary of Homeland Security, and Chief of Staff.[13] Another rare case of a person being right for the job. Also left early.


  • Matthew Whitaker, Sessions' former chief of staff, as acting Attorney General. Whitaker is a GOP loyalist and Trump supporter[14] who worked for a company that was shut down and fined for scamming veterans.[15] He also sold a scammily bizarre 'masculine toilet'.[16] Whitaker is openly critical of the Trump-Russia investigation and asserted there was no evidence for collusion or Russian interference in 2016 U.S. presidential election.[17] He believes that the Special Counsel has overstepped his mandate by investigating Trump's finances.[18]
  • Reince Priebus,Wikipedia Chairman of the RNC, as White House Chief of Staff. He left early.


  • Rick Perry, Secretary of Energy. In 2011, he said that he wanted to eliminate this department — that was his main qualification evidently.
  • Ryan ZinkeWikipedia as Interior Secretary.[21] Gone. But not forgotten: he's being investigated by the Department of Justice as to whether he lied to the Interior Inspector General's Office.[22] He may also face corruption-related criminal charges.
  • Steve Bannon (a.k.a., the Grim Reaper[23]) was a US Navy officer in the 1970s, worked as an investment banker in the 1980s in the Murders and Executions[24] Mergers and Acquisitions Department of Goldman Sachs,[25] CEO of Breitbart, and Trump campaign chief, as Chief Strategist to the President. He quit.
  • Steven MnuchinWikipedia, a Goldman Sachs banker, film producer,[26] and Trump campaign finance chief, as Secretary of the Treasury. Scumbag, but an understandable pick.
  • Wilbur Ross,Wikipedia a Wall Street banker and Trump campaign donor, as Secretary of Commerce. As Secretary, he's been busy conducting insider trading by short-selling stocks based on his personal knowledge of forthcoming negative news stories.[27][28] He even profited from a short sale based on his own corruption investigation.[29]

Other members[edit]

File:Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari poster.jpg
An earlier incarnation of an authoritarian's cabinet: The Cabinet of Dr. CaligariWikipedia
  • Boris Epshteyn — Trump's son Eric's friend from his alma mater, Georgetown University, briefly served as White House spokesman[30]
  • Christopher Hagan — confidential assistant at the Agriculture Department. Qualifications: cabana attendant.[31]
  • Dan Scavino — Trump's ex-golf caddie, now the White House director of social media[30]
  • David Matthews — confidential assistant at the Agriculture Department. Qualifications: developed scented candles, legal receptionist.[31]
  • Hope Hicks — ex-fashion model who worked for Ivanka Trump, now the White House communications director,[30] providing hope for Hicks. She admitted to lying for her boss and has resigned.[32]
  • Joe diGenova — one of Trump's lawyers, and a deep state conspiracy theorist[33]
  • Kyle Yunaska — Eric's brother-in-law, had a senior Energy Department job[30]
  • Linda McMahon — professional wrestling magnate and Trump's close friend, was the Small Business Administration chief[30]
  • Lynne Patton — wedding planner for Eric, now senior official at the Department of Housing and Urban Development[30]
  • Nick Brusky — confidential assistant at the Agriculture Department. Qualifications: truck driver, no college degree.[31]
  • Sam Clovis — ex-nominee for chief scientist at EPA. Qualifications: talk show host, non-economist economics professor. During the campaign, he supervised George Papadopoulos, who plead guilty in the FBI investigation of Russian hacking of the 2016 election.[31][34]
  • Sid Bowdidge — assistant to the Secretary of Energy for energy efficiency and renewable energy. Qualifications: manager of a Meineke Car Care branch.[31]
  • Steve Kopec — home improvement contractor who married into the Trump domestic staff, now a special assistant with the Environmental Protection Agency[30]
  • Taylor Weyeneth — 23-year old deputy chief of staff of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Qualifications: lying on his résumé, stopped showing up to work at his previous job as a legal assistant, his "only professional experience after college and before becoming an appointee was working on the Trump campaign and transition."[35]
  • Victoria Barton — congressional relations for Regions II, V and VI, Department of Housing and Urban Development. Qualifications: office manager, bartender/bar manager.[31]


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