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4chan, being a very non-hypocritical group of people.

DropTheB, also known as Operation Geschlecht, is a fake outrage campaign invented by 4chan's /pol/.[1][2][3] The campaign desires to "drop the B" from LGBT, because bisexuality allegedly implies that there are only two genders (and is thus opposed to the nonbinary movement). This argument, however, fails to address the distinction between sexual orientation and gender identity. In reality, bisexuality can mean either [1] that the person is attracted to all two sexes, [2] that the person is attracted only to people born as the same gender that they present as, or [3] that the person is attracted to all genders (i.e., pansexual). None of these positions implies that there are only two genders, though (of course) there are bisexual people who indeed think that there are only two genders.

Also, 4chan's /pol/ implying that they actually care about non-binary people is...questionable.

Gavin McInnes of the Proud Boys thought the hoax was authentic,[4] as did /r/RightWingLGBT.[5]

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