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Marius Reikerås (1972–) is a disbarred Norwegian lawyer, conspiracy theorist, crackpot and practitioner of pseudolaw.

Reikerås lost his license to practice law due to embezzling funds from an elderly ship-owner to line his own pockets. Additionally, Reikerås did not practice according to regulations requiring separations of client money.[1][2] In addition Reikerås was convicted for threats against a lawyer in a case against the same elderly ship-owner that lead to his demise.[3] He was sentenced to four months in prison for the threats. In the same case, he was cleared for embezzlement in a case where he withheld fees to witnesses in the offshore Norwegian Offshore Divers case. Reikerås has used this to falsely claim that he was cleared of any and all wrongdoing.

Reikerås claims that the loss of license is a vendetta against him by the government to silence him in his work.[4] He has, however, never applied to the actual agency responsible for licensing,[5] even though he claims otherwise.[6]

Reikerås claims to have been the architect behind the Norwegian Offshore Divers case in EMD, however, he mostly delayed and lost his part of the case.[7]

Reikerås was part of the ensemble cast of conspiracy nuts that formed the short-lived, so-called "Norwegian Parliament's rule of law group" unilaterally appointed by far-right MP Ulf Leirstein, who was later booted from Fremskrittspartiet; the group was widely described as a conspiracy theory group and was dissolved days after its creation after Leirstein had faced massive criticism for associating with conspiracy nuts and abusing the parliament's name.[8][9][10]

Reikerås has at times cooperated with Rune Fardal in their vendetta against Barnevernet, with Reikerås providing the fake judicial arguments and Rune Fardal providing the grandiose talk.

Notable achievements[edit]

Reikerås was convicted in 2016 for practicing law without license.[11] This was overturned by a higher court after appeal, and used by Reikerås to prove that he was not violating the law.[12] The reasons for overturn was a technicality, and he was later finally convicted in the same case.[13] The second conviction was not published by Reikerås or any other major news outlets.

In 2017, Marius Reikerås was involved in the Lobben case before European Court of Human Rights,[14] which he lost. Upon appeal to the grand chamber, he was replaced by a French lawyer with proper credentials.[15]

In late 2020, Council of Europe notified Reikerås that they considered his writings to be libelous, and that they would no longer bother to reply.[16]

Reikerås has at multiple times published that he's preparing court proceedings against the government, to get his license to practice as a lawyer back.[17] So far, the case has not been brought forward by Reikerås.

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