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It is currently unknown what kind of effect this pose has on water crystals.
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Masaru Emoto™[1] (江本 勝) (1943–2014)[2]) was a Japanese author and peddler of pseudoscience, most famously the idea that thoughts and words directed at water change the aesthetic appeal of the water crystals.

He held a "Doctorate" in alternative medicine from a correspondence course from the Open International University of Alternative Medicine,[3][note 1] and therefore called himself "Doctor".

Experimental protocol (or lack thereof)[edit]

Emoto's work consisted of people talking to bottles of water, saying either "good" words or "bad" words. Later, the water was frozen and put under high-powered microscopes so photographers take pictures of nice-looking crystals for the water that had "good" words and take pictures of ugly-looking crystals for the water that had "bad" words. Any nice-looking crystals in "bad" word water or ugly crystals in "good" word water were, of course, ignored. With the photos in hand, Emoto then claimed he had discovered a psychic link between water and humans.

Emoto's work has largely been neglected by mainstream scientists, although a few have pointed out the obvious lack of controls and subjective nature of the photographing processes that completely negate his claims. He also refused James Randi's million-dollar prize to redo the experiment with proper double-blind conditions. Emoto did not particularly care about science, though; he was primarily interested, of course, in selling his books, promoting his expensive "seminars" and "lectures", and selling overpriced water.

Emoto's take-home message was that the battle for water's soul is a reflection of humanity at large and that water crystal conversion to the good side of the force is a global imperative.

In my lectures, I talk about how water and water crystals are 10 percent goodness, 10 percent evil, and the rest — 80 percent — is opportunist. When the 10 percent that is goodness and the 10 percent that is badness in water crystals fight, then the 10 percent that is goodness wins and overpowers evilness. So, if the 10 percent of goodness would carry past that fight to the 80 percent that is opportunist, than the 80 percent will follow the goodness, not the badness. Likewise, 10 percent of people are positive and believe in this, 10 percent are skeptical, and the other 80 percent are looking to see who wins![4]

Of course, one minor problem with this thinking is that crystalline water is more commonly known as ice or snow.

The power of nationalism over water[edit]

The effect of the European Union anthem on water crystals.

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