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Maximillien de Lafayette

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Maximillien de Lafayette is an alleged "UFO researcher" and ancient astronauts advocate who has appeared on UFO Hunters and Ancient Aliens. According to a woman who claims to be his former girlfriend, he was actually a scam artist who re-published text and photos gathered from around the Internet as books.[citation needed]

Prior to striking Ancient Aliens gold, Lafayette had published weighty tomes with such scholarly titles as Horrible People, Stars, Times, and Scandals and Hollywood Earth Shattering Scandals. The Infamous, Villains, Nymphomaniacs and Shady Characters in Motion Pictures. He even managed to combine ancient astronauts and self help in what must have been a blockbuster title: THE BOOK OF RAMADOSH. 7,000 Year Old Anunnaki Ulema Techniques To Live Longer, Happier, Healthier, Wealthier (because what our alien overlords really wants is for you to give Lafayette all your money).[1]


  1. From archived version of Lafayette's website on the WayBack Machine. Also, one cannot help but notice that Lafayette's jumbled and "elongated" titles look a lot like those found at a particularly infamous "publisher"Wikipedia's W.svg.