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I discovered that HIV does not cause AIDS in 1998, about seven months after leaving UC Davis.

Mohammed Al-Bayati is a prominent and aggressive AIDS denialist whose most noteworthy impact on the world has been his involvement in the unfortunate case of Eliza Jane Scovill. Although claiming to be an expert pathologist, his actual degree and solid work is in veterinary pathology and toxicology.[1] Yes, this means that he is not the most qualified person to be evaluating postmortem findings in pediatric AIDS cases. No, he has never done any actual peer-reviewed AIDS research.[2] Not terribly surprised, are we?

Capitalizing on his HIV denial following the Scovill case, he formed the company Toxi-Health International, which provides expert witness services and "can evaluate the health effect resulting from acute and chronic exposure" to various agents, including medication reactions, adverse reactions to vaccines (shades of the Geier family!), pesticides, and a variety of other compounds. His other contribution to suicide is his most famous booklet, Get All The Facts: HIV Does NOT Cause AIDS.[3] Sadly, the man is still in business today.

Work in "Pathology"[edit]

Al-Bayati's company, Toxi-Health International, often attempts to fake the cause of death, especially in cases involving the murder of children. In one case, he stated that a child's death from shaken baby syndrome was instead due to internal bleeding caused by a "Vitamin K deficiency". Needless to say, competent coroners usually think differently.[4]

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