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Move to Amend

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Move to Amend is a reaction to the 2010 Citizens United decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, proposing a constitutional amendment that would limit constitutional rights to only individuals acting independently. Corporations, civic organizations, clubs, churches, etc. would not be able to assert these rights. This would allow the government to not merely regulate campaign contributions, but to ban any speech, such as cigarette advertising or indeed any unfavorable political commentary (newspapers and broadcasters all follow the corporate form), it does not like, search premises without warrants, seize private property without due process or compensation, revoke corporate charters at will, and set different rules for different corporations — all based entirely on the whim of the government and which corporations happen to be in the government's good graces.[1][2] Political parties are also frequently organized as corporations. Just try to wrap your mind around what that would imply.


  1. These are not accusations made by opponents — these are actual points presented by its supporters for why we should pass it.
  2. POCLAD: Why Abolish All Corporate Constitutional Rights 2 March 2011