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Mum's Not Having Chemo

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Mum's Not Having Chemo is a blog about a woman named Gemma Bond's experience with cancer. In 2011, Bond was diagnosed with ovarian and uterine cancer.[1] Because of her belief in alternative medicine's effectiveness for cancer, she chose to use alternative treatments instead of chemotherapy. She did have a hysterectomy,[2] so she was merely taking a 36% increased chance of relapse and death.[3]

The blog is largely written by Laura, her daughter,[note 1] who addresses various topics, usually supportive of alternative medicine such as homeopathy,[4] pee therapy,[5] black salve, and medical astrology.[6]

The blog was updated weekly, and started from the cancer diagnosis. Quite naturally,[pun intended] she died, in 2016.[7]

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  1. As one might expect from the name.