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[The Weston A. Price Foundation] might be useful in reverse: if you read it on WAPF, it is probably wrong.
Harriet Hall[1]

The Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) is, according to its website, a "nutrition education foundation." This nutrition education includes claiming that eating lots of fat, meat, and raw (but not pasteurized) dairy is healthy, and that natural things are better than "artificial" ones.[2][3][4]

The Weston A. Price Foundation is unrelated to the Weston A. Price Memorial Foundation, which is the old name of the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.


What they're for[edit]

The WAPF promotes various ideas and therapies, shown below:

Some of the WAPF's nutrition guidelines are very similar to those of the Cancer Control Society.[11]

What they're against[edit]

Things they don't like include the following:

Website design[edit]

The website has gotten a redesign in late February 2017. The redesign increased the site's SEO, more people are reading it. Unfortunately website now looks professional. No longer can you tell a crank site by its looks. The popup asks for invasive personal information such as your zip code. It has a lot of mixed https and http content on its webpages leading to the https connection failing to be secure. Accessibility of site is pretty good.

Dangerous advice[edit]

WAPF advocates a highly restrictive gluten-free and casein-free diet for children on the autism spectrum[13] and promotes chelation therapy, where you inject dangerous chemicals into the patient to remove divalent cations from the body, for a range of conditions.[14] Homemade baby formula[15] is a horrible idea that will probably kill your baby. They advertise EMR-Lowering Protocol for children with ADHD and autism.[16] The EMR-Lowering Protocol is based on pseudoscience and the myth that children with ADHD and autism have electromagnetic hypersensitivity and need to have a bunch of supplements shoved in their mouths. They pretend that unvaccinated children are healthier[17] and that vaccines are scary and evil. They gave advice on how to claim a medical exemption for child vaccinations.[18] Please do not let your children drink raw milk.[19] Raw milk can kill children.[20] Pregnant women without an actual vitamin A deficiency should not increase their intake of vitamin A.[21] Excess vitamin A during pregnancy increases the risk of birth defects.[22] Health experts even recommend against skin care products containing containing vitamin A.[23]

Outdated terms[edit]

  1. "intrauterine growth retardation",[21] now called "Intrauterine Growth Restriction".[24]
  2. "retarded speech pattern"[25] should be "delayed speech pattern".
  3. "mental retardation"[18] is today named "Intellectual Disability".

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