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The American Holistic Medical Association is a band of bullshit artists who advocate for the non-vilification of their bullshit art. Unlike true medical associations who push for better treatments with empirical evidence and to regulate their professionals against hucksters, the AHMA prefers anyone and everyone who is a bullshit artist to join their ranks.

Top 10 list[edit]

Why should you join the AHMA?

Our members say it best! According to them, the "Top Ten Reasons" to join are:

  1. Help patients/clients FIND you. AHMA's "Practitioner Finder' helps the public easily locate holistic doctors/practitioners.
  2. Gain access to educational tools–free and discounted publications (medical journals, holistic newsprint), monthly newsletter, discounts on national conferences.
  3. Access tools to stay current with the latest and greatest in integrative medicine.
  4. Tap into the power of the AHMA as a "meeting place". Connect with a diverse group of practitioners in the field of holistic health.
  5. Participate in/encourage research for holistic therapies.
  6. Join the only integrative medical association that acknowledges the spiritual dimension of humanity and the healing power of love.
  7. Learn how to make your practice holistic.
  8. Be part of the change in healthcare.
  9. Grow your voice.
  10. Join because of a deep belief that collective voices will effect a change.
—American Holistic Medical Association website,

Join their ranks[edit]

Anyone from a licensed physician who sells snake oil to someone who supports selling snake oil to patients who trust their physicians with their care can join the AHMA,[1] unlike true medical associations that require at least a medical student status to join.[2]



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