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NileValleyPeoples is a pseudoscientific Afrocentric blog run by a black supremacist crank from Egyptsearch. It promotes the racialist theory that the ancient Egyptians were "black" (see Ancient Egyptian race controversy) and somehow "tropically-adapted" (despite the fact that the vast majority of Egypt is above the Tropic of Cancer in latitude).

Double standard[edit]

NileValleyPeoples claims to oppose racialism and has sections on its blog debunking the "Human Bio-Diversity" (HBD) of Steve Sailer. However, it promotes its own Afrocentric view of racialism e.g. an African "genetic cluster", pooling all, or most populations in Africa together as part of some "African race", or African meta-population. In reality no such continental cluster exists, as shown by modern genetic studies:

Genetic variation in humans is sometimes described as being discontinuous among continents or among groups of individuals, and by some this has been interpreted as genetic support for 'races'… Our results show that when individuals are sampled homogeneously from around the globe, the pattern seen is one of gradients of allele frequencies that extend over the entire world, rather than discrete clusters. Therefore, there is no reason to assume that major genetic discontinuities exist between different continents or 'races'. (Serre & Paabo, 2004)

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