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Egyptsearch is a crazy, racist Afrocentric pseudohistory forum for black supremacists such as "Dr." Clyde Winters, Egmond Codfried and Paul Marc Washington.

Most on the forum are strong racialists who argue the ancient Egyptians were "Black"; they ignore all science that has falsified this claim for their own racist agendas.


The forum was not originally black supremacist, despite having a few Afrocentric members (their posts in threads that debated the ancient Egyptian race controversy and racial topics in general were formerly moderated). However the admin and owner of the forum "Sammy" left in September 2008, writing he could no longer keep up with moderation:

Maybe we should start charging them to make you happy. $10 a month for each member then I can pay for a full time staff to sit here and monitor what everyone says.[1]

Only one mod "Ausar" (aka "Ardo") posted on the forum from 2009 to 2014, but rarely logged in. The lack of moderation led to black supremacists dominating the forum, and there have been many issues with libelous threads being created about members, racism, anti-Semitism, other inflammatory posts, doxxing and the posting of pornography.

Realizing the forum is a dump, in Oct-Nov, 2014 "Ausar" passed his account (via password) to an Afrocentrist poster (alTakruri, Tukuler).[2]

Nearly all remaining posters at Egyptsearch, are melanist supremacists. An exception is B. O. de MontellanoWikipedia who posts as "Quetzalcoatl", and refutes Clyde Winters.[3][4]

Ancient Egyptian race controversy[edit]

For more information, see: Ancient Egyptian race controversy

The forum regularly debates the "race" of the ancient Egyptians. Afrocentrist posters on the forum typically assert: "Ancient Egyptians are BLACK Africans and it was BLACK African civilization"[5] and describe any academic or layperson who doesn't adopt this view as racist. In fact, the racist position is the pseudoscientific idea the ancient Egyptians were "Black". Modern population biology does not support this racialist interpretation, nor adopt obsolete racial terminology such as "Black", "Negroid", "Caucasoid" or "White".[6] Brace et al. (1993) caution that:

The attempt to force the Egyptians into either a “black” or a “white” category has no biological justification. Our data show not only that Egypt clearly had biological ties to the north and to the south, but that it was intermediate between populations to the east and the west, and that Egypt was basically Egyptian from the Neolithic right on up to historic times.
The argument over the “racial” identity of the ancient Egyptians appears to have been fueled more by “racial” pride than by any kind of objective assessment.

Nor can someone accurately describe the skin color of ancient Egyptians as just being black (i.e. dark brown), since there was a clinal gradient (as is observable today) running into lighter skin shades.[7][8]

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