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Fuentes, simultaneously looking like an old man and a young man.
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All I want is revenge against my enemies and a total Aryan victory.
—Nick Fuentes[1]
I do fucking hate the poor, and I hate poor people. ... And I'm sick of lying about it. I'm not gonna pretend that I don't, okay? I love the rich.
—Nick Fuentes, a "true Christian" "populist".[2]
You know what? You know what our problem is? The fertility rates. We need to be making more beautiful white Christian babies. Enough is enough [...] You know what the problem is? All the Muslims coming into Europe.
—Nick Fuentes[3]

Nicholas Joseph "Nazi Nick" Fuentes (August 18, 1998–)[4] is an alt-right radical-traditionalist Catholic, white supremacist, neo-Nazi, and self-described incel.[5][6][7]

He operates and hosts the America First livestream podcast, which is currently hosted on a proprietary website after he was banned from both YouTube and DLive. A typical feature of the stream includes Fuentes showing up late (sometimes hours late) to the broadcast, which takes place in front of a green-screen (not in a high-rise, unfortunately). Once he shows up, there will be a series of half-joking inflammatory rants, sometimes involving arguments with his own followers about important matters such as whether he's quite as incel as Hitler was.[8] He previously co-hosted the Nationalist Review podcast with fellow neo-Nazi James Allsup, from its founding until January 16, 2018.

Fuentes originally (from roughly late 2017 to 2020) advocated a kind of entryism into the Republican Party, in which his followers would act cagey about their far-right beliefs. He would deride open fascists who opposed this optics-focused strategy of crypto-politics as "wignats" (or "wigger nationalists") mucking up his plans. In this way, he sought to distance himself from the alt-right,[9] though this was always going to be difficult since Fuentes attended the Unite the Right rally.[10][11] Regardless, Fuentes and his fans would gradually become less and less crypto about their beliefs, with the mask coming off in such totality by 2022 that Fuentes was openly praising Adolf Hitler and calling for "total Aryan victory", among other blatantly extremist outbursts.[1][6] The entryist part of the original plan is clearly still in action, but Fuentes and friends seem to have largely dropped any premise of optics.


It's often impossible to tell whether Fuentes is joking or being serious — even in matters of faith. He is a paragon of internet irony, a herald of a morally ambivalent online culture that is equally capable of churning out harmless Wojak memes and inspiring Christchurch terrorists. I don't know him and I couldn't tell you what he “really” thinks. But the extent to which he is merely “performing” is ultimately irrelevant. His parade of perversities marches joyfully away from any conception of the good. Whether its endpoint is atrocity or just offense, it offers nothing of societal or spiritual worth.
—Ben Sixsmith[12]

For an introduction to Fuentes' political beliefs (centered around "Marxist infiltration", "rootless global elites", and "invasion by nonwhites"), we recommend his blogpost "The Villain America Needs". He begins with an apocalyptic tale about impending doom of the country:

The prologue to the legend of Nicholas J Fuentes:

My timely birth [in 1998] allowed me to watch on the nightly news the spoils of the American experiment squandered for one final time before the dying gasp of a once exceptional people as the free world and economic abundance of Ronald Reagan was inherited by the lizard people. To understand how far the country has come from the virgin constitutional republic born of the Revolution to the corrupt, unitary technocracy of a new Statist century. From George Washington to George W. Bush. Everyone knows the country is going to hell and if you don't then you're a liberal apologist arguing why the change your President promised you is all that it was cracked up to be.

He proceeds to blame the evil liberals and multiculturalism:

My generation is the generation of hopelessness. They don't see it that way because Buzzfeed can use upbeat stock background music, punchy graphics, and a self-righteous punk weakling to dress up cultural suicide as egalitarianism. But we know better. With George W. Bush we got a neoconservative Utopian who could not wage the culture war and when center right Dubya collapsed in 2008 we got a communist Islamist sympathizer whose entire candidacy and governance was wholly founded on the ignorance of the masses and a media that would just plain lie night after night.

And alleges that our entire culture has been "cucked" by some distant elites into believing scary untruths like "trans people exist" or "nonwhites are people too":

And in 2015, it looked as though we would have the proverbial "more of the same," "lesser of two evils," "business as usual." 2016 looked to be a grand orgy of stockholm syndrome induced cultural cuckholdry in which we, the free men and women of the United States of America, would grudgingly but unflinchingly elect either our third bumbling conservative Bush lite or our second white trash criminal Clinton. Having spent the entire century being blown up by IEDs in the desert. The worst economy since the great depression. The largest government in the history of the world. Flagrant lawlessness at the highest level. An invasion from the South and from the MidEast. An education system infiltrated and conquered decades ago by Marxists. A Bill of Rights in peril by the death of an actual conservative Supreme Court Justice, the last soul in the way of the loss of the republic. A terror state, a new Cold War, a billion people saying they own the ocean, more dollars in debt than atoms in the universe, Seth Rogen, boys are girls and girls are boys, facts are racist, feminism, infanticide as a right, Tumblr.[4]

It doesn't get better from there.

Like many extremists on the far-right, Fuentes is a shitposter troll, in which he tries to disguise his extremely bigoted, racist, and sexist viewpoints using "irony", cartoonish memes and "just joking" banter. If advocating that someone should beat up their wife sounds like a "funny joke" to you, Fuentes is your type of "humorist".[13]

Catholic theocracy, "holy war", and genocide[edit]

On April 2017, Nick Fuentes (then a host for RSBN) first argued that the First Amendment "was not written for Muslims":

The First Amendment was not written for Muslims, by the way. It wasn't written for a barbaric ideology that wanted to come over and kill us. It was written for Calvinists. It was written for Lutherans and Catholics, not for Salafists, not for Wahhabists, not for the Saudi royal family. Don't think the founders had that one in mind. And it also was intended for citizens, not for immigrants. If the First Amendment protected everyone's right to have their religion and express it in every country, we'd have our police in the Congo or in Uganda fighting against the Lord's Resistance Army. And you never hear that side of the story on the mainstream media, and why not? Why don't we hear about it? Why do none of our elected officials talk about this or like this? They know it's true. Why don't we hear about in the mainstream media? We don't hear about it on Fox News, by the way, either. And why not?[14]

In 2022, Fuentes went even further, condemning Protestants to second-class citizenship in his desire for the United States to become a Catholic theocracy:

I want this country to have Catholic media, Catholic Hollywood, Catholic government. I want this to be a Catholic occupied government, not a Jewish occupied government.[15]

For his comments endorsing a holy war, he was suspended from streaming on the conservative video platform Rumble for two weeks.[16]

In a July 2023 live speech that was also streamed online, Fuentes called for killing people in a "holy war":

We need to eradicate Jewish stranglehold over the United States of America. … We will win, because unlike our opposition, we are willing to die for what we believe in … We're in a holy war and I will tell you this. Because we're willing to die in the holy war, we will make them die in the holy war. And they will go down.[17][18][19]

On his livestream show on December 8 2023, Fuentes advocated for "the death penalty" for all non-Christians (especially what he described as "perfidious Jews") should his America First movement ever take power.

There is an occult element at the high levels of society, and specifically among the Jews, and you know, whenever I see that stuff that just makes me want to proclaim louder and more firmly and more rigidly that it is nothing other than Jesus Christ. No, no pagan stuff, no false gods, no deities, no demons. It is Jesus Christ and we need to start saying that name... Pray to Him, talk about the sacrifice on the cross, that's the answer. Because so many of the people that are perpetrating the lies and the destruction on the country, they are evil doers. They are people that worship false gods, they are people that practice magic or rituals or whatever, and more than anything those people need to be, when we take power, they need to be given the death penalty. Straight up. And, I'm far more concerned about that than I am about even non-white people or mass migration... We need to put up a crucifix in every home, in every room in every school and every government office to signal Christ's reign over our country. Not that God needs it, but it must be outwardly expressed from the interior, that this is God's country. This is Jesus's country. This is not the domain of atheists or devil worshipers or perfidious Jews. This is Christ's country.[20][21]

Holocaust denial[edit]

Nick Fuentes thinks the Holocaust didn't really happen that much. Speaking in an openly-published video about Adolf Hitler, a smiling, gleeful Fuentes spoke of "the two hundred to three hundred-thousand Jews that he killed during the Holocaust" and "those two hundred to three hundred-thousand Jews". This is a common Holocaust denial lie by neo-Nazis to deliberately downplay the gigantic scale of the monstrous crime that was the Holocaust. The empirically-proven number of Jews murdered by Nazis is 5.6 to 6 million, which is 20 to 30 times larger than Fuentes' lie.[22]


As an RSBN host in 2017, Fuentes argued that "globalists" and "the people behind CNN" should be killed, directly calling for and inciting political violence against reporters and several dozen media executives:

Who runs the media? Globalists. Time to kill the globalists. I don't want to not watch CNN. I don't want CNN to go out of business. I don't want CNN to be more honest. I want people that run CNN to be arrested and deported or hanged because this is deliberate. This is not an accident. It's not, "Oh, you know journalists have a liberal bias because they're educated, and educated people tend to be" — none of that. It is malicious intent. There is a design, there is an agenda here. And the people behind CNN that are pushing outright lies, and you see the people who try and expose the truth are cut off so obviously. They get their mics cut off, and they say, "Oh, whoops! We've lost the signal! Technical difficulties!"[14]

RSBN issued an apology, asserting that the above was said "in jest".[23] He was later removed from RSBN in August 2017, after he attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.[24]

In 2021, Fuentes attended the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. (See: Nick Fuentes § January 6, 2021 U.S. Capitol riot.)

In July 2023, Fuentes alleged that he saw a black man littering in his neighborhood. He then stated that he wanted the man to be dead, and his followers should "prepare to catch an aggravated battery charge if you see this in your society".[16] He added:

It's always Black people. … This is in my neighborhood. I'm supposed to be mad at Hitler? I'm supposed to be cross with Hitler? I want this guy dead. And I wish Hitler would kill him. I wish Hitler would have killed him, you know? … That guy should be KILLED! That guy should be killed for that. That guy should be dragged from his car and beaten to death by the public. … If I was in a room with Hitler and that guy, me and Hitler would team up and fuck that guy up! We would kill that guy! … And we'd high-five at the end.[16][25]

In January 2024, Fuentes gave a Nazi salute and stated:

I am not a Republican. I am a Trump cultist, and I want everyone to know that. … I am a soldier for Donald Trump. I am part of — I serve at the personal pleasure of Donald Trump, my supreme leader. I am part of the paramilitary wing of the Trump movement. I am part of the Revolutionary Guard. I do not answer to the Pentagon. I do not answer to the civilian government. I answer — I am the Praetorian Guard of Donald Trump. If Donald Trump ordered me to do an extrajudicial killing, I would perform it. If he sent me somewhere and said, look, we need to torture Hillary Clinton — theoretically. I wouldn't obviously do that of my own volition. But if Donald Trump won the election and Donald Trump called me on a secret burner phone and he said, look, we have to capture and — no, we can't go there. We actually can't go, actually can't go there. But if Donald Trump called me up and said, look, we need to capture my political enemies and torture them, you're OK with that, right? This is totally off the books. This is a black op. If he called me up and told me to do it, I would. I would be like, sir, yes — I wouldn't even say, yes, Mr. President. I would say it will be done. I would say it will be done, Supreme Leader. … No. I'm kidding, kidding, kidding, kidding. … I just trolled you, OK?[26][27][28]

White supremacy[edit]

(Jim Crow) was better for (Black people) too…”They had to drink out of a different water fountain,” big fucking deal. “Oh no, they had to go to different schools. Their water fountain in that famous picture was worse.” Who cares? Grow up, drink out of the fucking water fountain. It’s water, it’s the same. Even it was bad, who cares. We all agree, it’s better for them, it’s better for us. It’s better in general.[29][30]

Fuentes adamantly claims not to be a white supremacist, calling the term an "anti-white slur" and preferring to position himself as a "Christian conservative".[13] Of course, this "cloaking" of his ideology fools few people (certainly not the US Justice Department.)[31]

Unsurprisingly, white genocide and Great Replacement themes are very common in Fuentes' rhetoric.[13] Fittingly, Fuentes also believes that "diversity is code word for anti-white".[32]

You can call us racists, white supremacists, Nazis, & bigots. You can disavow us on social media from your cushy Campus Reform job. But you will not replace us. The rootless transnational elite knows that a tidal wave of white identity is coming. And they know that once the word gets out, they will not be able to stop us. The fire rises![33]


See the main article on this topic: Racialism

Fuentes genuinely believes that different races are not just biologically, but spiritually different.[34] Fuentes calculated his own "spiritual whiteness" at 91%.[35][36] A voluntary DNA test from 23&Me revealed his ancestry as 79% European and 14.8% Native American. Of course, some of his followers immediately told him was better, as 23&Me "lied" to "mess with racists".[37] The accuracy of these racial DNA tests are of unknown and unvalidated accuracy.[38]

Radicalizing children to become secret Nazis[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Crypto-politics

Nick Fuentes has recently started going further and further off the deep end by giving advice to radicalized right-wing extremists on how to avoid getting caught, telling children the following:

"If you get redpilled, don't tell your mom. If you get redpilled, don't tell your mom. If you get redpilled, don't tell your parents, alright? [...] DON'T TELL MOM AND DAD! [...] If you get redpilled, play it close to the chest, don't tell anybody, keep it to yourself, keep it to you and your online friends, alright? "[39]

LGBT and homosexuality[edit]

Fuentes apparently hates homosexuals and women so much that he was able to overcome his hatred of Muslims to side with the Taliban, pointing out that the group opposes "abortion, vaccines, and gay marriage".[40] After the Dobbs decision by the Supreme Court, Fuentes cheered on the prospect of re-criminalizing gay marriage and sodomy,[41] the latter of which he describes as "filthy anal sex".[42]

Fuentes claimed that half of homosexuals are pedophiles on a livestream, and said that Sam HydeWikipedia "did the numbers". However, Hyde is a troll comedian known for extreme jokes, who had earlier clarified that he had made the claim in an effort to troll people.[43][44] In fact, a large study by Ray Blanchard, which measured the blood flow in the penises of men who were shown images of underage boys and girls, found that gay men were no more likely to have pedophilic interests than straight men.[45] Pedophilia is often mistakenly blamed on gay men since roughly a third of child sexual abuse victims are male. This is a logical fallacy, because most child abusers will molest a child of any gender given the opportunity. Since parents often guard their daughters from risk of abuse, child abusers will ultimately target boys due to ease of access and less risk of being caught. This is supported by the fact that the vast majority of identified perpetrators of the sexual abuse of boys are a heterosexually married relation of the victim.[46] The rest are unrelated to the child; for example, a priest, teacher, or authority figure who are also frequently heterosexually married. Since boys are 50% of the population and much less guarded, a child molester has more opportunity to victimize a male child.

Haggard's Law[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Haggard's Law

In January 2020, Fuentes joined CatboyKami (cat boy), a YouTuber and alt-right personality, in a day-long livestream.[47] The catboy date generated controversy online, with many Fuentes fans speculating on Fuentes' sexuality. Leaked messages from Fuentes' Discord chatroom showed him fantasizing about a "catboy mud fight" in 2018,[48] and tasking someone "to collect more loyal catboys for the harem".[49] He added: "The AmFirst meetup will be a catboy death match".[50] Screenshots leaked in 2018 of a Fuentes-run chatroom named "catbois" containing gay catboy-themed cartoons.[51]

In 2022, a top officer of Fuentes's America First Foundation, Jaden McNeil,Wikipedia deserted him alongside one of Fuentes's computer technicians.[52][53][54] Although we must take McNeil's claims with salt, after this desertion he claimed that Fuentes previously pressured him not to get a girlfriend, and inspected a couch and bed McNeil slept on, searching for semen stains using a blacklight.[53][55] McNeil also claimed: "Nick … doesn't really want a mainstream political movement anymore. He wants a hardcore cult of followers. … It's not just a death cult. It's a homosexual death cult."[53] Fuentes has this to say in his defense: "If we're really being honest, never having a girlfriend, never having sex with a woman really makes you more heterosexual because honestly, dating women is gay. [Men] having sex with women is gay."[56]

Assuming he keeps growing his mustache out the way he has been, the Village PeopleWikipedia might accept him as their first completely heterosexual Castro clone,Wikipedia should the neo-Nazi live-streaming gig ever fall through.


'Hitler was a pedophile and kind of a pagan.' It's like, well, he was also really fucking cool. … This guy's awesome, this guy's cool.
—Nick Fuentes[57][58][59]

After Matt GaetzWikipedia was hit with allegations of a sexual relationship with a seventeen-year-old girl, Fuentes asserted that it was OK because "it's very traditional" and repeatedly asserted that it was just a relationship with a large age gap. He also claimed that the age of consent is a radical feminist invention, rather than an important tool used to safeguard children,[60] and that the only problem was that it was premarital.[61]

In 2023, a Fuentes ally, Milo Yiannopoulos, defected from Fuentes. Yiannopoulos unleashed allegations supported by interviews with two accusers and text message screenshots, that another Fuentes ally (Ali Alexander, a convicted felon[62] and self-proclaimed time traveler[63] who was in his late thirties at the time of the allegations) had solicited sexual relationships with teenage boys (one seventeen and one fifteen). In response, Alexander apologized because "this is too gay" and stated he had been "battling SSA" (same-sex attraction). However, Alexander bizarrely denied the claims while acknowledging some of the key evidence as genuine: "false claims alongside real messages is a deceptive technique". In response to this incident, Fuentes allegedly pressured the seventeen year old boy to apologize for making the accusation, and to claim the text messages were fabricated; he is also said to have offered the boy a job in exchange for doing so. Assuming this part occurred, it didn't work. According to the accusations, Fuentes knew about Alexander soliciting sexual contact with underage boys and did nothing about it despite being warned that "Alexander wants to come to your events to have sex with underage boys".[64][65][66][67]

Marjorie Taylor Greene, who was previously associated with Fuentes herself,[68] called for an FBI probe into Alexander. She also claimed: "This is disgusting textbook predation of underage boys. And Nick Fuentes was in on it."[69][70][71] As of April 2023, the Johnstown, Colorado police were indeed investigating the allegations about Alexander.[72] In response to the Ali Alexander incident, Fuentes floundered but eventually disavowed Alexander. He also stated, "If you are flirting with adult gay men because you think it's going to land you a job, you know full well what you're doing and it's gross. Sorry but even at 15, I would have never sent nudes to an adult gay man. … The real victim in this entire saga is me. … Sounds like everybody involved got what they wanted. Except me, the incel, who is now somehow being blamed for things I had nothing to do with."[65][66] Two months later, Fuentes explained that when he's thirty years old his ideal wife would be sixteen years old: "Right when the milk is good, I want to start drinking the milk. … If I'm 30 and she's 16, 14-year age difference. When I'm 50, she'll be 36. When I'm 40, she'll be 26. Then now we're talking here, now we're cooking with gas."[73][74] Another reason he gives for wanting a teenage wife is that she would have "a fertile womb and an innocent childlike spirit."[12]

In September 2023, yet another former Fuentes ally, Baked Alaska, denounced Fuentes for his comments about minors. Baked Alaska wrote with a video clip attached: "Nick Fuentes says here in his own words. He is not against 'grooming underage children'. This is not out of context this is what he actually believes. This is legit pedophilia & exactly why I publicly said I cannot support Nick anymore."[75]


Fuentes supported the Taliban's prohibition on vaccines,[40] believing that they're part of a conspiracy to poison the American people.[76] Not too long after this comment, the Taliban actually began supporting vaccine drives,[77][78] including for COVID-19 vaccines,[79] meaning Fuentes can now be considered extreme on the issue even by Taliban standards. He has also referred to the coronavirus vaccine as "gene therapy" and linked it to the spread of AIDS.[80] He once threatened to take up arms against anyone who tries to give him a vaccine.[80][81]


Masterson: Wait, you don't believe the Holocaust but you think the Bible's right about dinosaurs and humans living together?

Fuentes: Correct, correct.


Initially, he dipped his toe into the highly controversial issue of dinosaurs with some straight-up dino denial. He stated, "I find it hard to believe, about the dinosaurs. Y'know, look: okay, they say they got fossils? I just find it very hard to believe. Oh, like giant monsters? Giant reptiles walking on the planet? I'm the crazy one? … Y'know, let's call ALL the BS out — these giant fish and giant... giant, y'know, insects, and giant birds, and giant everything! What? That's retarded. … Catholic Groypers are gonna come up, beat the shit out of you with a Bible."[83]

Later, he walked back the total dino denial, claiming he never denied that dinosaurs existed and was just asking questions about it to "trigger people". He switched his position to one of human–dinosaur coexistence, saying: "it's biblical, bro."[84][82][85]


Unite the Right rally attendance[edit]

Fuentes regrets attending the alt-right Unite the Right rally. Afterwards, Fuentes alleged that he faced death threats and left Boston University for Auburn University.[10][11]

University "speaking engagements"[edit]

On March 6, 2019, Fuentes held a public event at Iowa State University in Ames, IA. Fuentes actually didn't have permission to speak in a University classroom, and was ejected by the police and sent to a designated Free Speech area. He delivered a speech in the cold at 8:00 PM to a group of mostly detractors. Two conservative student organizations located near the University both denied involvement, but the Iowa State Daily reported that the local Turning Point USA chapter was the most likely candidate. Incidentally, that TPUSA chapter had lost its Student Organization privileges in Fall 2018, explaining why Fuentes was kicked out by University police.[86]

America First Political Action Conference[edit]

Ordinary GOP conferences, like the once sober and serious but now populist, ideological, and culturally reactionary Conservative Political Action Conference,Wikipedia[87] aren't extremist enough for Fuentes. Instead, Fuentes and his fan base (who call themselves "Groypers" due to, naturally, a 4chan meme involving Pepe the Frog)[88] have, since 2020, organized an alternative event to CPAC called the America First Political Action Conference (or AFPAC). The conference, according to its website, offers a chance for "true patriots" to "mingle with like-minded Americans fighting to save this nation."[89] According to the ADL, what this event is really about is a gathering for those who wish to normalize white nationalism and other extremist views (such as homophobia, misogyny, antisemitism, racialism, and extremist anti-immigration viewpoints) into the conservative movement.[90]

The event has attracted the sort of noxious GOP speakers that you would expect, e.g. politicians long associated with white nationalist and/or extremist anti-immigrant rhetoric, such as Paul Gosar, Steve King, Michelle Malkin,[91] and Marjorie Taylor Greene.[92] Other guests include racists such as Jared Taylor, alt-right trolls such as Baked Alaska and Milo Yiannopoulos, and assholes such as Joe Arpaio.[90]

The event, and particularly the appearance of national GOP politicians at them, have often aroused controversy due to the extremist rhetoric at the event, especially the rhetoric coming out of Fuentes. In 2021, Fuentes wailed about America losing its "white demographic core" and defended the participants of the 2021 U.S. Capitol riot, even proclaiming that "we need a little bit more of" the sort of "energy" displayed by the insurrectionists. [91] In 2022, Fuentes complained about diversity in America, stating that America's secret sauce was "young white men".[93] He then praised Vladimir Putin for his unprompted invasion of Ukraine that was happening while the 2022 AFPAC event was going on, leading to a chant of "Putin! Putin!" from the crowd.[93] "Joking" about the general distaste for Putin's invasion in most non-white nationalist Western media, he even offered up a bit of coded praise for Adolf Hitler.[92]

By March 2023, however, Fuentes's brand had grown so toxic, even CPAC wanted nothing to do with them — Fuentes (along with several of his "Groypers") were removed from CPAC when they tried to attend due to Fuentes' "hateful racist rhetoric".[94][95] Instead of a conference, Fuentes decided to hold a "rally" near the CPAC location, with no other advertised guests.[95][96] Now toxic to the GOP, Fuentes' rallies became even more extreme than before. During this rally, Fuentes declared that he wanted to eradicate Satanism, feminism, liberalism, and Judaism; paying particular attention to the latter, Fuentes spouted International Jewish conspiracy theories and overtly praised Hitler.[97]

At another "rally" on July 2023, Fuentes went even further, spouting Christian nationalist-tinged genocide advocacy. Declaring that "we want a Christian future in our lifetimes", Fuentes declared a "holy war" against Jews, concluding his speech with the statement "because we’re willing to die in the holy war, we will make (the Jews) die in the holy war.".[98][99] This was too much even for the far-right friendly[100] video hosting platform Rumble,Wikipedia which removed two videos streamed from the rally due to them being an "incitement to violence". This removal caused furor among Fuentes's Groypers and other virulently antisemitic figures, such as Andrew Torba (CEO of Gab).[101]

January 6, 2021 U.S. Capitol riot[edit]

See the main article on this topic: 2021 U.S. Capitol riot

Fuentes and fellow-Nazi Baked Alaska both participated in the 2021 U.S. Capitol riot that was incited by Donald Trump, and each separately livestreamed the destruction and theft that occurred.[102] Subsequently, Fuentes was banned from DLive, the streaming website he had been using to host his "America First" podcast since being booted from YouTube.[103] A French national sent Fuentes some hundreds of thousands of dollars in Bitcoin then subsequently died of an apparent suicide shortly before the January 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol. Although any apparent connection to the event is unclear, the Frenchman in question also sent money to other attendees, though Fuentes was the primary recipient.[104] It's possible he simply happened to donate to far-right activists who happened to be more likely to attend, but nevertheless it warranted the FBI's attention at one point in time, in relation to its formal probes into the Capitol storming.[105]

Fuentes claimed that he did not enter the Capitol building, but with all of the other lying that he does, we are skeptical of his word. At the least, supporters of Fuentes with "America First" merchandise appeared in videos and photos captured inside the Capitol building during the event.[106] Extant video of him with a megaphone outside the Capitol shows him exclaiming: "Keep moving towards the Capitol – it appears we are taking the Capitol! … Break down the barriers and disregard the police. The Capitol belongs to us."[107][108]

According to the January 6 Report (produced via the January 6th Committee):Wikipedia

Fuentes was a prominent figure at the 'Stop the Steal' rally in Atlanta, Georgia, in November 2020. … Fuentes also suggested his followers intimidate politicians in their homes. On December 12th, Fuentes again rallied a crowd of supporters at the 'Stop the Steal' events in Washington, DC, calling for the destruction of the Republican Party because it had failed to overturn the election. … On January 4th, Fuentes suggested that his followers kill State legislators who don't support efforts to overturn the 2020 election. … Fuentes complained that his side 'had no leverage.' Fuentes then asked: 'What can you and I do to a state legislator, besides kill them?' He then quickly added: 'Although we should not do that. I am not advising that, but I mean, what else can you do, right?' … Fuentes incited followers from his perch immediately outside of the U.S. Capitol. Some of his followers joined the attack inside, with one even sitting in Vice President Pence's seat on the Senate dais."[109]

The day after the event, Fuentes praised it, stating: "The Capitol Siege was fucking awesome and I'm not going to pretend it wasn't."[110][111][112] He later told his followers who attended the event: "They probably have it all, but as a precaution, yeah, probably destroy your phone, your SIM card, all that information. I mean, I don't know. I don't know. Is that legal to say? Maybe don't do that? I'm gonna say don't do that, for my legal sake!"[113] Fuentes is not known to have received charges in direct relation to the Capitol storming, but was placed on the No-Fly List by the TSA in apparent relation to comments he made about a flight attendant,[114] and he was later subpoenaed (ordered to give testimony) by the January 6 Committee.[115]

Twitter bans[edit]

Fuentes was banned from Twitter on July 9, 2021 at a time when he had more than 125,000 followers.[116] His account was reinstated in January 2023, following the acquirement of the platform by Elon Musk. However, his reinstatement was very brief, and he was banned again less than a day later.[117][note 1]

Appearances afterwards[edit]

In February 2022, Fuentes hosted AFPAC, a far-right, white nationalist convention alternative to CPAC. Several far-right pundits were hosted, from Jesse Lee Peterson to Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Fuentes praised Russia and Putin during his speech (even praising comparisons of Putin to Hitler).[118]

In July 2022, Fuentes appeared on a debating panel on the channel Modern-Day Debate. The topic was "Is There a War on Men?", with Fuentes predictably arguing the "yes" side.[119] His "arguments" in this debate included that the higher rate of autism diagnoses in men is evidence of a plot by the liberal elite to make men retarded through socialization, as well as that women are inherently stupider and more sinful than men. As a result, Fuentes claimed that he would never want a woman doing any highly-qualified job even if she was more qualified than all the men, to the point of claiming he "would rather get taken out and shot in the head" than be treated by a female doctor. In the same interview, he asserted that men have the right to beat and rape their wives because the Bible gives them authority over women, and claimed that all women will go to Hell.

In November 2022, Fuentes was seen associating himself with Kanye West, defending his antisemitic remarks. In December 2022, Fuentes and West appeared in InfoWars with Alex Jones. West proceeded to make more anti-semitic remarks and praised Hitler and the Nazis. Afterwards, West and Fuentes were in an interview with Gavin McInnes where they continued to deny the holocaust and praise Hitler, with Fuentes at one point bragging that "kids loved Hitler".[120] The entire interview, mostly from Kanye’s responses, made McInnes uncomfortable, mirroring his InfoWars interview where he made Alex Jones uncomfortable. After this event, Fuentes was widely reported to have appeared at a hamburger restaurant alongside the video gamer/political live-streamer Sneako; a food fight soon took place between Fuentes and local customers.[121][122]

Keeping in tradition with his knack of racism and getting into controversy, Fuentes appeared on the show of JustPearlyThings, a prominent manosphere poster and self-hating sexist. His appearance on her show landed her significant blowback, with her releasing an apology video.[123] Though the video would get taken down not too long after later and Pearl would continue to collab with Fuentes.

The end result of a pathetic internet edgelord.

Fuentes also appeared in several Rumble streams with Sneako, the most notable being alongside him, Sneako, Pearl, Zherka, and Myron Gaines from Fresh and Fit. Before Fuentes appeared on the stream, Gaines was engaging heavily in anti-black racism in a long running beef against Aba and Preach (two black centrist YouTubers from Canada) due to them making several videos calling him and his channel out. In the livestream, he wore a klan hood and called the two “n words”, and even did the nazi salute at several points (among many other racist and bigoted shenanigans). Once Fuentes came on, Him, Gaines, and Zherka shared a nazi salute in a single stream.[124][125][126]

Splitting the Texas GOP[edit]

In October 2023, Texas GOP ex-politician Jonathan Stickland,Wikipedia together with other prominent politicians in the GOP, met with Fuentes and other reactionary activists such as Kyle RittenhouseWikipedia for a 7 hour meeting.[1] At the time, Stickland headed a PACWikipedia called Defend Texas Liberty, a Christian nationalist aligned group bankrolled by the Dominionist public education-hating oil tycoons Dan and Farris WilksWikipedia and Tim Dunn.Wikipedia[127][128][129] The PAC had already made waves in 2023 for throwing tons of money at Texas politicians in order to successfully prevent the corrupt Texas attorney general Ken Paxton,Wikipedia impeached in May 2023 in the Texas House, from being convicted in the Texas Senate.[130][131][132] Stickland also owned a consulting firm for right-wing candidates called Pale Horse Strategies.[1]

This incident highlighted increased extremism in certain factions of the Texas GOP. Reportedly earlier that year, Pale Horse Strategies hired a social media coordinator named Ella Maulding. Maulding had previously praised Fuentes as "the greatest civil rights leader in history", and her social media was replete with references to the white genocide conspiracy theory. Reportedly Chris Russo, the founder of a advocacy group connected to Stickland's PAC, Texans for Strong Borders, drove Fuentes to the Stickland meeting.[1] In social media, under the username "Optics Respecter", Russo railed against immigration, feminism, the LGBTQ+ community, the disabled, women's suffrage, and Black people.[133] Reportedly Russo was directly tied to Fuentes' "groyper" movement.[134] The Defend Texas Liberty PAC itself had been linked with other individuals and organizations who, on social media, expressed antisemitic, racist, and Christian nationalist sentiments and posted conspiracy theories such as QAnon and The Great Replacement. Some of these PAC-linked individuals were directly linked to Fuentes himself, as well as other white nationalism groups.[134]

In a similar manner to the Paxton impeachment, the Fuentes meeting, driven by a disgust in other Texas GOP factions concerning Fuentes' noxious neo-Nazi views, caused widespread infighting. Texas House speaker Dade PhelanWikipedia (along with 60 members of the Texas House Republican Caucus) demanded that all elected officials donate all the money they received from Stickland's PAC to charity in order to distance themselves from Fuentes.[135] Among the chief targets of this demand was Texas lieutenant governor Dan Patrick.Wikipedia Patrick presided over Paxton's acquittal; prior to the trial, he received $3 million from the Defend Texas Liberty PAC.[131] Patrick responded to this demand by demanding that Phelan resign.[135] As the incident occurred during the start of the 2023 Israel–Hamas war,Wikipedia the incident highlighted the stark contrast between the GOP faction that "(stood) with Israel at this time of need", and the white supremacist, Hitler apologist faction of "conservatism" that Fuentes represented.[135]

The fallout from the meeting led to the Defend Texas Liberty PAC replacing Stickland as president. That still was not enough for 13 out of 64 members of the Texas GOP's executive committee, who demanded that the party not accept any donations from Defend Texas Liberty until Stickland was completely disassociated from the PAC, and a full accounting of the meeting was provided.[136]

In early December 2023, by a 32-29 vote, the Texas GOP executive committee stripped a pro-Israel resolution they were working on of a clause that would have barred the party from associating with known Nazi sympathizers, antisemites, and Holocaust deniers. This clause was written by one faction of the committee so that the party could confront its ties to outspoken extremists like Fuentes. Despite the above ties with Fuentes, the opposing faction denounced the measure, believing that there wasn't "any antisemitic, pro-Nazi or Holocaust denial movement on the right that has any significant traction whatsoever". Despite many of them readily hurling vague snarl words such as "liberal", "communist", and "RINO" at their political opponents in the past, the opposing faction also believed that terms like "Nazi" and "antisemitism" were too vague or subjective.[137]

In a separate move, roughly half of the board also tried to prevent their vote on the anti-Nazi clause from being kept on the record.[137]

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