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Our blog was vaccinated against Steve Sailer, but unfortunately it’s one of those that is relatively ineffective and requires a high rate of internet herd immunity to work.
—Belle Waring, Crooked Timber[1]

Steven Ernest Sailer (1958–) is a far-right[2][3] American journalist, blogger and global warming denier who is frequently described as a white supremacist[4] and transphobic.[5] Sailer popularized the phrase "human biodiversity" in the 1990s.[6][7][8] He has an MBA from UCLA with an emphasis on finance and marketing, after which he became a self-described "dilettante".[9] Sailer began his journalism career in the late 1990s, briefly working for the National Review and then for such outlets as The American ConservativeWikipedia (where, naturally, he was wailing about The Bell Curve.)[10] He currently writes articles for the anti-immigration and white nationalist website VDARE.[11]

Sailer's later work and blogging focused much more heavily on the neo-eugenics HBD concept that he popularized.[7] Sailer's current home is at The Unz Review, where he writes frequent blog posts from his peculiar pseudoscientific viewpoint.[12] Sailer also is a frequent contributor to Taki's Magazine.[13]

Sailer's body of work mimics the white grievance politics found in the Donald Trump era GOP, and, thus, his early blogs in the 2000s can, in some ways, be seen as a sort of an early warning sign regarding the rise of the alt-right.[6][14] Indeed, Sailer's articles reportedly influenced Trump administration policies like Stephen Miller's immigration policy.[15] His blog is rife with primitive racial and gender stereotypes.[16][17] Other noxious beliefs include his contention that homosexuality is not genetic but is a disease.[16]

Sailer has zero academic credentials in the science of genetics, or biology, or anything even remotely science oriented. His education was a Master of Business AdministrationWikipedia (MBA) degree at UCLA in 1982.[18]

In a 2021 article published in Review of General Psychology, Sailer is described as a "political writer who uses the language of IQ and genetics to further a White nationalist political agenda."[19]

The ADL has described Sailer as "a longtime VDARE contributor known for making racist statements."[20]


Steve Sailer has gained notoriety for his racist, transphobic and sexist comments online spanning two decades. In 2003, a website ( was set up to monitor his online hate as well as document his ties to the far-right. It contained the following biographical page:[21]

Anyone who has done research on the internet on such topics as race, genetics, or interracial marriage may have directly or indirectly come across an infamous race researcher named Steve Sailer.

Who is Steve Sailer? He is one of a handful of extreme "scientific racists", affiliated with and often paid by extreme right-wing groups like VDare and others. He has written numerous pseudo-scientific articles on the internet that will fit his racist agenda that any race other than his own race, the White race, is inferior. He has a racist and condescending tone toward other races.

His falsified and racist writings have permeated the internet, creating many rumors which have spread through many internet forums. Many unsuspecting people who have written articles on race or interracial marriages may have used Steve as a source while researching on the internet.

Steve Sailer is a white American male born on 1958. Based on current information gathered on him as of this writing, he probably attended college in the late 1970s and attended UCLA from 1981-1982. He worked for several years as a businessman in Chicago after college. Sometime in the 1990s, he and his family (white wife and two sons) moved to the Los Angeles area where he currently resides.

It is the field of journalism, not as a businessman, which propelled Steve's publicity. Being a so-called race researcher who writes on and judges other races, it is appropriate to ask, "What sort of experiences does Steve possess to research and judge other races?" He has no record of employment from the mainstream media, and he certainly has never been associated with Pulitzer winning publications or mainstream journalist organizations. He is not a doctor or scientist from an accredited institution in the field of race or genetics.

Possessing eloquent writing skills and a trashy attitude, Steve's first major employment debacle in journalism was for the National Review magazine, a far right-wing media publication infamously known for it's trashy, politically incorrect, borderline racist pieces of work. From an estimated 1995 to 1999, Steve wrote numerous articles and excerpts on race and interracial marriages, primarily based on media stereotypes and his heinous group of extreme right-wing scientific racists (e.g. Phillipe Rushton, Sam Francis, the Pioneer Fund, Social Darwinists, etc...), many whom have proposed black people are a sub-human race and the missing link between humans and monkeys.

Once of his most (in)famous works for the National Review which boosted his publicity was the 1997 article on interracial marriages, "Is Love Colorblind". In the article, he believes Asian males and Black females are so inherently inferior and unattractive by birthright, they will be at a significant disadvantage in finding relationships and will be breeded out of society. Knowing the stir initially created by this article, he wrote another article in 2003 where he flat out lied about the 2000 Census stats on interracial marriages to create another stir.

Sometime in the late 1990s, Steve Sailer left the National Review to join the VDare internet publication. Once again, VDare is not a credible mainstream publication. VDare labels itself as a non-profit organization to avoid paying taxes and to give tax breaks to its contributors, but it profits anyway to employ exclusively right-wing biased journalists and race researchers so they can make a living.

Another less-than-plausible journalist achievement for Steve is joining the United Press International organization in 2001. Because writing articles under the VDare name was too conspicuous, the UPI seemed like a more neutral and acceptable logo at the time. However, a closer examination into UPI shows the same extreme right-wing bias.

The UPI, a subsidiary of the conservative Washington Times, is a 93-year-old agency which has been a financially troubled operation for the past three decades, with multiple ownership changes during the past 18 years. A major historical turning point of UPI was in 2000, when the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's media organization, News World Communications, purchased the Washington Times and UPI to extend his media regime to the international level. The Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who heads his Unification Church, is a cultist leader and extreme right-winger from Korea. He is known for starting an obsessive cult group, whom his followers are labeled Moonies, in America during the 1970s, and has been known to spread his ultra-conservative movement centered around him on an international level since then.

As you can infer, the UPI (also nicknamed the Unification Press International) exclusively employs right-wing biased journalists, including Steve Sailer.

Before you get offended with any of his writings, please keep in mind he is only a biased freelance writer. He is not a scientist or doctor from an accredited institution in the field of genetics or race. His livelihood depends on overexaggerating, even flat out lying, to create a stir among the public so he can profit and pay off his personal bills. Unfortunately, his countless writings on the internet has created much lies and discontent, and it is time to hold him accountable.

Unz Foundation[edit]

Sailer has received thousands in dollars from the Unz Foundation:

Unz also gave $24,000 to VDARE writer Steven E. Sailer, who described his personal ideology in a blog post as “citizenism”— the belief that “Americans should be biased in favor of the welfare of our current fellow citizens over that of the six billion foreigners.” Sailer has also written about what he calls the “black-white IQ gap,” and argued that the devastation incurred by Hurricane Katrina indicated that African Americans “possess poorer native judgment” and “need stricter moral guidance from society.”[22]

Far-right connections[edit]

Aside from being a grantee of the Unz Foundation — Sailer is connected to various other far-right organizations and institutes. In June 2023, Sailer attended a VDARE conference and was one of the guest speakers. Sailer spoke alongside John Derbyshire, James Kirkpatrick and Peter Brimelow.[23][24]

Sailer has close ties to the Greek millionaire Taki TheodoracopulosWikipedia, having regularly written articles in his Taki's Magazine.[25] Theodoracopulos has a history of making racist remarks including describing the Saudi royal family members as "ruling towelheads".[26]

In 2010, Sailer was promoting white supremacist Richard Spencer's[27] Sailer described Spencer's racist webzine as "elegant". Sailer was apparently invited by Spencer to write articles for his website but declined. Instead, Spencer took on board Richard Hanania (who used the pseudonym "Richard Hoste"). A search of Hoste's name in the comments section of Steve Sailer's blog reveals dozens of comments.[28] Sailer's connection to Spencer and Hoste do not end there. Sailer had attended the 3rd annual meeting of the H.L. Mencken Club in October 2010 and delivered a speech suggested to him by Spencer. According to Sailer: "Richard Spencer has asked me to speak on the topic “Can HBD Trump PC?”.[29] Spencer has been a speaker at H.L. Menchen Club meetings. The club itself seems to have been founded by Peter Brimelow of VDARE and the paleoconservative Paul Gottfried who coined the term alt-right. The SPLC describes the club as white nationalist and racist.[30][31]

The HL Mencken Club describes itself as "an organization of writers, scholars, and advocates who seek to form an independent intellectual Right."[32]

Sailer is a mutual follower of numerous far-right, eugenicist and white nationalist accounts on Twitter including John Fuerst, Emil Kirkegaard, Jonathan Anomaly, Edward Dutton and Bronze Age Pervert. Sailer has sporadically tweeted support for Fuerst's and Kirkegaard's racialist pseudoscience.[33] Sailer's articles on The Unz Review have further promoted Kirkegaard's papers on race in the Mankind Quarterly.[34]

In August 2023, Sailer defended Richard Hanania after he was exposed in the Huffington Post as a white supremacist.[35][36]


Global warming denial[edit]

Sailer rejects the scientific consensus on global warming and describes himself as an "agnostic" on the main cause of climate-change.[37]

He believes that the "causes of global warming are disputed".[38]Do You Believe That?

The websites Sailer often writes for promote global warming denial e.g., Takis Magazine.[39]


Sailer is a homophobe who thinks homosexuality is a "malfunction":

Homosexuality? They can grow up to lead happy, productive lives. But, still, homosexuality reduces your chances of grandchildren ... so ... yeah, that's another malfunction, not as bad the ones above, but still a malfunction you don't wish upon your children. Homosexuality is a malfunction of a _basic_ part of life, so what else could it be other than a malfunction?[40]

America First[edit]

Sailer popularized the America FirstWikipedia policy a decade before Trump. In 2005, Sailer wrote an article titled "Americans First" where he outlined his right-wing populism political ideology called "Citizenism".[41]

In the 2000s, Sailer debated Jared Taylor on citizenism vs. white nationalism.[42] Both ideologies are similar since they are both anti-immigration but the main difference being the former for practical reasons realizes white identity politics is less palatable to voters so instead favours civic nationalism. Taylor himself would concede this, noting "Sailer is probably right to argue that an open appeal to the interests of whites may not be the most successful way to sell immigration control."[43]

Great Replacement conspiracy theory[edit]

Steve Sailer supports a variant of the Great Replacement conspiracy theory promoted by Tucker Carlson; specifically the idea Democrats use mass immigration to increase their voter base among non-whites.[44][45][46] In 2021, Sailer tweeted: "The Great Replacement is not a conspiracy theory when a Democrat enunciates it."[47]


Sailer is a pro-natalist who favours pro-natalist policies, albeit for white Europeans. In one article for VDARE published in 2001, "Does Europe absolutely, positively need immigrants?" Sailer suggested various pro-natalist policies such as making abortion illegal, "tax incentives to couples who have babies" and even legalizing polygamy:

The ultimate test of any civilization is: is it self-reproducing? Or does it contain a fatal flaw condemning it to extinction? It would be a terrible irony if the West's great heritage of individualism inevitably destroys Western Civilization by leading to self-indulgence so great that people can't be bothered to have enough children to carry on their lineage. At this point, the best that Western Europe can say in its own defense is that it has not yet begun to fight. Here are some ways to not go gentle into that not-so-good night.

  • Crack down on street crime and/or encourage the growth of suburbs and gated communities. Europeans tend to live in urban apartments and traditionally let their kids play on the streets. This worked fine until the recent crime wave. Now, lots of Europeans figure that if they want kids, and don't want them mugged, they'd better buy a suburban home far from the bad elements. The U.S. has already gone through this transformation, which is why the extraordinary increase in the murderousness of African Americans during the crack epidemic of 1985 to 1995 had so little tangible impact on whites. Europe lags the U.S. by a few decades in crime-proofing itself.
  • Give huge tax incentives to couples who have babies. Offer larger breaks to mothers who have children in their twenties rather than their thirties.
  • Start a campaign telling citizens it's their patriotic duty to have more kids. Most Europeans are probably too self-destructively sophisticated to respond to this, but the Greeks might, since the Turks give them somebody to hate and fear.
  • Start affirmative action for mothers, just like many nations offer favoritism to veterans. Offer mothers a G.I. bill guaranteeing them free education and retraining.
  • (This is radical). Cut way back on retirement subsidies. Tell young people that they'll have to rely far more on their on their children to support them in their old age. Impossible? Well, that's how the entire human race did it until Bismarck invented government pensions.

Experiment with different social systems. For example, the Swedes are committing race suicide more slowly than many other European nations. Perhaps lavishly funded feminism works. Or try the opposite tack. Outlaw abortion. Cut back on female employment by getting rid of most of the government pink-collar jobs.

Hell, try legalizing polygamy. Just try something.

It's your survival that's at stake.[48]

Natal Conference[edit]

In September 2023, Sailer was promoting and defending a Natal Conference held in Austin, Texas with the aim of boosting birth and fertility rates.[49]


Sailer is fixated with a scenario where the white population becomes the minority in the US and therefore argues for tight immigration restriction:

Now, you might think that when the old majority becomes a minority, it would then get minority rights. But that’s not how it works. Whites can’t become a certified minority; they will always be the legacy majority. The closer we get to the future when whites are a minority, the more we hear about their ancestors’ sins, their ineradicable hereditary guilt, their corruption of blood.[50]

Curiously, the same article Sailer wrote these words in Taki's Magazine in February 2016 dropped his extreme terminology and removed this paragraph.[51]

Sailer opposes Muslim immigration and has even gone as far as arguing to repatriate most Muslims in the US:

My view, though, is that Muhammad cartoons are a distraction from what really matters: you shouldn’t let a lot of people with Iron Age barbarian prejudices into your country in the first place, and if you make that mistake, you should rectify it by persuading most of them to leave.[52]

Inconsistent environmental arguments[edit]

Sailer has tried to cloak his racist opposition to non-white immigration in environmentalism by arguing he opposes immigration because black and Latino immigrants add to population growth in the US which leads to environmental degradation. In his essay "Immigration vs. Environmentalism" Sailer further goes on to claim "Latin Americans have shown a positive disregard for environmentalism as evidenced by their tendency toward littering and driving smog-belching old junkers."[53] The problem with Sailer's argument is his lack of consistency: if he was truly concerned about population growth in the US he should not have had children himself (he has two sons[54]) while he also encourages whites to have larger families. When these contradictions are pointed out he is quick to change the subject.[citation NOT needed]

More recently, Sailer uses another environmental argument against immigration based on carbon emissions.[55][56] Sailer points out adding millions of immigrants to the US each year increases greenhouse emissions.[57] However, having children also does the same thing.[58][59] So here again is Sailer's inconsistency. Some of Sailer's own followers on social media have pointed out his contradictory views.[60] Sailer's argument is additionally bizarre since he denies anthropogenic global warming.

Race as an "extended family"[edit]

Sailer identifies as a pseudoscientific racial realist and argues race is an "extended family".[61][62]

His extended family concept of race is popular among the alt-right and white nationalists, for example it is supported by posters on Stormfront.[63]

Race and intelligence[edit]

Since the late 1990s, Sailer has been an outspoken adherent of so-called "HBD", namely race and intelligence pseudoscience.

As a proponent of hereditarianism when it comes to IQ, he believes blacks and whites are not likely to ever achieve social and economic equality:

Sure, African Americans could do better if they got their act together. (In fact, they are doing better than in 1990, during their self-inflicted crack epidemic.) Still, the evidence is overwhelming: as a group, the blacks are no more likely to reach economic equality with whites than whites are likely to reach athletic equality with blacks.[64]

Five out of six African-Americans have IQs below the white average. But not talking about this IQ difference has singularly failed to make it go away. The black-white gap has remained roughly one standard deviation for the last 80 years.[65]

It becoming ever more clear that the combination of racial gaps in IQ and the IQ taboo acts as a black hole that sucks all the intelligence out of an institution. Racial gaps in achievement are the overwhelmingly dominant fact driving school performance, for instance, but nobody is allowed to mention the IQ gap among the races, so misbegotten nonsense rushes in.[66]

Steven Pinker[edit]

Steven Pinker has promoted the career of Sailer, and Sailer has taken credit for influencing Pinker's hereditarianism.

Anti-black racism[edit]

Sailer is on record as writing blacks in the US "possess poorer native judgment than members of better-educated groups. Thus they need stricter moral guidance from society."[67]

In 2003, Steve Sailer wrote: "America's perpetual trouble has been a less-productive black minority."[68]

Online outlets[edit]

Sailer is a regular at the "immigration restrictionist" hate site VDare, where his spittle-flecked bigot-bait appears alongside of knuckle-dragging rants by veteran members of the hate community like neo-Nazi theoretician Kevin MacDonald, viciously anti-black blogger Nicholas Stix and notorious homophobe John Derbyshire. Sailer also contributes copiously to the semantic cesspool of Taki Mag, where he channels the tried-and-tested conservative tactic of inventing facts and shamelessly distorting history to serve a fetid agenda of naked hate:

As the years roll on through the Obama Era and the evidence accumulates that the failure of blacks to catch up has less and less to do with white racism, the American media has become increasingly obsessed with pounding the drums over the sins of white people’s forefathers in the ever more distant past. [...] One group of whites, however, has been immune from the blame game. Everybody knows there were no Jews in the South in 1860, and if there had been any, they no doubt would have all been fierce abolitionists standing up fearlessly for the ancient Jewish value of universalism. [...]


Ms. Eisenfeld finds the abundant evidence of Jewish conservatism disconcerting:

Still, the idea of Jews fighting or rooting for the South is bewildering to many Jews today, especially those descended from Russian Socialists who came to America with ideas of class and economic equality and who identified with blacks and other excluded groups.

This is a small example of a general pattern of modern liberal Jews believing their own carefully curated narratives of victimization. Since Jewish predilections play such a massive role in the media, it’s crucial to understand these biases.[69]

Other obsessions[edit]

Although tEh juice jOoOoOz and their malevolent machinations are arguably número uno on Sailer's list of way-past-unhealthy obsessions, he still finds plenty a-time in his sorry existence to squirt bigot-venom at African-Americans, the LGBT community, the Hispanic community, undocumented migrants, feminists and, in general, everyone and anyone who isn't a white heterosexual able-bodied male like himself. Yet even in his ideal Hitler wet dream, he'd still have a big problem with all the whites from 'mixed bloodlines'; his real ideal world is basically just him and all his friends and family, no one else stealing his oxygen. A particular fixation of his is with the author Ta-Nahesi Coates, about whom he has written at least ten op-eds in the Unz Review.[70][71]

"The Most Important Graph in the World"[edit]

Sailer is obsessed with the birth/fertility rates of Sub-Saharan African countries. He describes UN population projections of Sub-Saharan Africa as "The Most Important Graph in the World" because of projected population growth in the region from 2030 to 2100.[72][73][74] Sailer's opposition to population growth in Sub-Saharan Africa is based on his anti-black and anti-immigration views he has expressed in tweets:

High fertility in sub-Saharan Africa, which is presently falling only slowly, threatens ever-increasing mass immigration, potentially turning Europe into Africa's banlieue.[75]

If African fertility control doesn’t happen soon, tens of millions will leave Africa. The fate of Detroit due to the Great Migration of 7 million rural blacks previews the impact of the upcoming Far Greater Migration.[76]

In 1950, there were three Europeans for every sub-Saharan. By 2050, there are projected to be 3 Africans for every European.[77]

Sailer has argued "Africa's Fertility Rate Threatens the Globe"[78] and "the Sub-Saharan African population bomb is the most obvious long-term problem facing global peace and prosperity".[79] Unlike Sub-Saharan Africa, however, Sailer wants to increase fertility rates in Europe and the US.[80] In a book review of Matthew Yglesias' One Billion Americans, Sailer writes:

The better part of One Billion Americans is about how to reverse the declining fertility of American citizens. It’s not as complete as Jonathan V. Last’s 2013 book What to Expect When No One’s Expecting, but offers a good start on the subject.

The total fertility rate for American women was dropping even during the Trump Boom before the pandemic, down to a below replacement rate of 1.72 children per woman in 2018. And yet when asked how many children they’d like to have, women and men both average about 2.6.

Clearly, America is suffering from economic, political, and cultural problems that are keeping Americans from achieving parenthood to the extent that they would prefer.[81]

In a nutshell, Sailer's views are pretty much standard of white nationalists: lower fertility rates of blacks but increase white fertility rates in the West.

In a 2019 article for Takis Magazine, Sailer is open about his white nationalist sentiment:

The U.N. forecasts that the population of sub-Saharan Africa, which was 504,000,000 in 1991 and is 1,066,000,000 today, will grow to 2,118,000,000 in 2050 and all the way to 3,775,000,000 in 2100. Do American and European white voters have the right to say no to the hundreds of millions of blacks and Muslims who will want to flee the messes they’ve made of their own countries?[82]


Just enough to be persona non grata on any respectable message board or sub, not that he shows any signs of desisting from his self-appointed task of pumping hate-memes into the willing minds of his on-line acolytes. Think of him as a dead cat under the floorboards of the internet: worthless, repulsive and raising an unholy stench. But, sadly, also very difficult to get rid of.

In a stopped clock moment, however, he was one of the first people to question A Rape on Campus, even if he managed to be an unrequited obnoxious dickhead all the way through it.[83]

Lead-crime hypothesis[edit]

Sailer absolutely despises the lead-crime hypothesis, no doubt because it challenges his favorite myths about crime and racism. He has waged an Internet crusade to blandly refute and derail discussions of the topic wherever and whenever he can. If, for some reason, you want this jackanape to show up on your blog or news article, just do a couple of posts on the topic and he'll eventually appear, possibly in a flash of smoke and sulfur.

Right-wing criticism[edit]

Sailer has received criticism from some mainstream conservatives for his obsession with race and intelligence.

Former Deputy Editor of the right-wing website BrexitCentral, David Scullion in The Critic has described Sailer as an "alt-right troll".[84]

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