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Mescaline, the active ingredient in peyote.
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Peyote is a cactus that contains the hallucinogenic chemical mescaline;[1] when animals ingest it they tend to have an unpleasant experience, and learn to avoid eating the plant in the future. This is because water is a scarce commodity in the American southwest, and many plants have evolved deterrents to prevent animals from eating them and taking their water away.

Modern use[edit]

However, some 10,000 years ago a new animal species with a much more complicated brain arrived in the southwest. Rather than getting the simple message not to eat the plant, this animal interpreted its experience with the cactus as a supernatural message and incorporated it into its culture. Today, it is an illegal drug with the exception of its sacramental use in Native American and South American religious rituals.

It is also possible to use San Pedro cactus to get a similar effect.[2]

Buying peyote[edit]

You can buy it legally in the UK — it is readily available in the London borough of Camden and via various online stores — but they'll probably close this loophole soon, so get your arse in gear! In the United States, it is generally only legal for religious purposes and can only be legally purchased from one of the three licensed growers in the country; in some states purchases are further restricted to individuals of verifiable Native American descent only.

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  1. No relation to mescal, which is kind of like tequila
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