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Phillip Greaves

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Phillip Greaves is a self-published author who has written several books including The Grand Delusion: What Has "God" to do With It?, and various other books advocating for atheism and libertarianism.

However, Greaves is most infamous for The Pedophile's Guide To Love And Pleasure: A Child-Lover's Code Of Conduct, which was sold on Amazon for a period of time before finally being removed from sale. Greaves subsequently served a short probation sentence after mailing a copy of the book to a "customer" in Florida, who was actually a local sheriff. Distributing depictions of sexual acts involving minors is a crime in Florida. [1]

Greaves attempted to defend himself by denying that he was a pedophile and said that "I only have sex with grown-ups". He said the purpose of the book was harm reduction, in order to prevent adult-child sexual relationships from becoming abusive. (Greaves believes they aren't inherently so, and that "true pedophiles love children" and would never hurt them). The book gives advice to pedophiles on how to attract children, but also gives guidelines on what types of contact are "acceptable" and "not acceptable" in Greaves' view (which is not, not, not the view of the law).[2]

PETA, predictably enough, responded by saying that Amazon's real mistake was not distributing a book advocating pedophilia and criminal activity, but rather removing the book without also removing books on dog fighting. Seriously.[citation needed]