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Annotated Qur'an
Sura 75: The Resurrection
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Qur'an 75:1[edit]

I swear by the Day of Resurrection.

Qur'an 75:1 Notes[edit]


Qur'an 75:2[edit]

And I swear by the blaming soul.

Qur'an 75:2 Notes[edit]

The soul doesn't exist.

Qur'an 75:3[edit]

Does man think that We will not reassemble his bones?

Qur'an 75:3 Notes[edit]

Yes, I can - I was a biology student.

Qur'an 75:4[edit]

Yes indeed; We are Able to reconstruct his fingertips.

Qur'an 75:4 Notes[edit]

As above, I can.

Qur'an 75:5[edit]

But man wants to deny what is ahead of him.

Qur'an 75:5 Notes[edit]

My PC is ahead of me.

Qur'an 75:6[edit]

He asks, “When is the Day of Resurrection?”

Qur'an 75:6 Notes[edit]

A very good question.

Qur'an 75:7[edit]

When vision is dazzled.

Qur'an 75:7 Notes[edit]


Qur'an 75:8[edit]

And the moon is eclipsed.

Qur'an 75:8 Notes[edit]

Oh, a lunar eclipse.

Qur'an 75:9[edit]

And the sun and the moon are joined together.

Qur'an 75:9 Notes[edit]

A solar eclipse? Be consistent, for pity's sake!

Qur'an 75:10[edit]

On that Day, man will say, “Where is the escape?”

Qur'an 75:10 Notes[edit]

No need - it's just an eclipse.

Qur'an 75:11[edit]

No indeed! There is no refuge.

Qur'an 75:11 Notes[edit]

Yeah, we haven't figured out how to go to Mars yet, so chill out where you are.

Qur'an 75:12[edit]

To your Lord on that Day is the settlement.

Qur'an 75:12 Notes[edit]

My Lord? You mean my sovereign?

Qur'an 75:13[edit]

On that Day man will be informed of everything he put forward, and everything he left behind.

Qur'an 75:13 Notes[edit]

No, old Liz doesn't know about what we talk in private. Also, she is a woman, so don't say "He" - that's so misogynist.

Qur'an 75:14[edit]

And man will be evidence against himself.

Qur'an 75:14 Notes[edit]

Eh? No, I have no legal proceedings against me.

Qur'an 75:15[edit]

Even as he presents his excuses.

Qur'an 75:15 Notes[edit]

I have never been to a court.

Qur'an 75:16[edit]

Do not wag your tongue with it, to hurry on with it.

Qur'an 75:16 Notes[edit]

I am not a dog to wag my tongue.

Qur'an 75:17[edit]

Upon Us is its collection and its recitation.

Qur'an 75:17 Notes[edit]

Oh, you're talking about your completely nonsensical woo magic book that will take us all to a non-existent paradise?

Qur'an 75:18[edit]

Then, when We have recited it, follow its recitation.

Qur'an 75:18 Notes[edit]

If I repeat this text will it honestly have any effect?

Qur'an 75:19[edit]

Then upon Us is its explanation.

Qur'an 75:19 Notes[edit]

Do explain - I have not understood a single word of this.

Qur'an 75:20[edit]

Alas, you love the fleeting life.

Qur'an 75:20 Notes[edit]

Yes, we love enjoying ourselves.

Qur'an 75:21[edit]

And you disregard the Hereafter.

Qur'an 75:21 Notes[edit]

A better way to plan for the future is to have a good pension plan.

Qur'an 75:22[edit]

Faces on that Day will be radiant.

Qur'an 75:22 Notes[edit]

Ah yes, you can dream all you like about that day, but, you know...evidence?

Qur'an 75:23[edit]

Looking towards their Lord.

Qur'an 75:23 Notes[edit]

Who doesn't exist either.

Qur'an 75:24[edit]

And faces on that Day will be gloomy.

Qur'an 75:24 Notes[edit]


Qur'an 75:25[edit]

Realizing that a back-breaker has befallen them.

Qur'an 75:25 Notes[edit]

Ah, the merciful and compassionate sky-God becomes a back-breaker.

Qur'an 75:26[edit]

Indeed, when it has reached the breast-bones.

Qur'an 75:26 Notes[edit]


Qur'an 75:27[edit]

And it is said, “Who is the healer?”

Qur'an 75:27 Notes[edit]

My doctor?

Qur'an 75:28[edit]

And He realizes that it is the parting.

Qur'an 75:28 Notes[edit]


Qur'an 75:29[edit]

And leg is entwined with leg.

Qur'an 75:29 Notes[edit]

Yes, we do that sometimes.

Qur'an 75:30[edit]

To your Lord on that Day is the drive.

Qur'an 75:30 Notes[edit]

Driving to Buckingham palace? I don't know about that - meeting up with Elizabeth II might be nice but then you'd have to deal with the rest of her tiring family.

Qur'an 75:31[edit]

He neither believed nor prayed.

Qur'an 75:31 Notes[edit]

Because he had common sense he failed to understand why there is no proof for this magic sky-god.

Qur'an 75:32[edit]

But he denied and turned away.

Qur'an 75:32 Notes[edit]

And why not?

Qur'an 75:33[edit]

Then he went to his family, full of pride.

Qur'an 75:33 Notes[edit]

In what?

Qur'an 75:34[edit]

Woe to you; and woe.

Qur'an 75:34 Notes[edit]

Allah wishes woe on the thing he created and is controlling.

Qur'an 75:35[edit]

Then again: Woe to you; and woe.

Qur'an 75:35 Notes[edit]

Once again.

Qur'an 75:36[edit]

Does man think that he will be left without purpose?

Qur'an 75:36 Notes[edit]

Our purpose is to live our lives well and in a good way.

Qur'an 75:37[edit]

Was he not a drop of ejaculated semen?

Qur'an 75:37 Notes[edit]

This passage is probably referring to the 'homunculus' concept, that a miniature human occurred within sperm cells - an old Arabic and European alchemy theme (have a look at HomunculusWikipedia). So God's word is contemporary to the era?

Qur'an 75:38[edit]

Then he became a clot. And He created and proportioned?

Qur'an 75:38 Notes[edit]

Mitosis, fair enough. Oh, this book is complying with science for now?

Qur'an 75:39[edit]

And made of him the two sexes, the male and the female?

Qur'an 75:39 Notes[edit]

As I suspected. No, sex is the result of evolution, not a sky-tyrant. Also...other genders?

Qur'an 75:40[edit]

Is He not Able to revive the dead?

Qur'an 75:40 Notes[edit]