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RationalWiki:Pat on the back society

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RationalMedia Foundation (RMF)

The Pat on the Back Society is an amalgamation of RationalWiki editors who pledge to go about the Wiki and give virtual pats on the back to editors for doing an outstanding, often overlooked, job around the Wiki, and doing things that we, as a community, respect and wish to honor in some measured respect.


  • Gold stars for great contributions.
  • Olive branches for peacemaking efforts

Peace brainstar.png

The goals of the Pat on the Back Society[edit]

The society seeks to go around the Wiki and recognize daunting work done by users that would otherwise be ignored on other Wikis. Such tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating a good, non-stub article
  • Correcting spelling and grammar in more than just a few articles around the Wiki
  • Moderating and defusing a dispute that would have otherwise led to a headless chicken mode (HCM)
  • Showing a new editor the ropes of RationalWiki
  • Technical support for the Wiki which is above and beyond the call of duty (fixing a borked server, for example)
  • Anything else that is a daunting Wiki task that is frequently overlooked.