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RationalWiki:What is going on in the blogosphere?/December 2010

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December 2010[edit]

4In Japan, the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly passed Bill 156, which would place heavy restrictions on the distribution of anime and manga that “unjustifiably glorify or exaggerate” sexual themes and works that are “considered to be excessively disrupting of social order.” So how the hell did that happen?
15America's addiction to belief. Utne Reader has posted a copy of the article here.
6Have yourself a counterculture Xmas.
1As the repeal of DADT wends its way through the Pentagon and the LGBT community celebrates this small advance in society, there is still the case of the world's greatest propaganda machine -- a supposedly gay-friendly community that still cranks out movies that ratchet up a villain's evil quotient by queering them up.
21Skippy (of '213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed To Do in the US Army' fame) on why he supports DADT repeal.
14An uncharacteristically astute and well reasoned Ricky Gervais on "Why I'm An Atheist"
7Ed Vaizey would like ISPs to specifically filter explicit content on the internet, except just one, tiny, minute, hardly-worth-mentioning point; it just wouldn't work.
6Garrison Keillor, of A Prairie Home Companion fame, admits that he knows not of what he speaks: "I have more in common with black evangelicals from Barbados than with Catholics from my hometown."
7"Everyone knows that something is wrong. The politicians say, 'we need higher standards.' The schools say, 'we need more money and equipment.' Educators say one thing, and teachers say another. They are all wrong."
-7Eating turkey and mashed potatoes for Christmas dinner? Pshaw, only rubes and hicks do that. Really sophisticated people eat a "holiday feast" of, i.a., shrimp with blood orange and fennel salad and apple and walnut risotto with gorgonzola.
5Slideshow: "13 Products Most Likely To (Be) Made By Child Or Forced Labor."
6In 2008, Sandra Lee "made" a "Kwanzaa cake" that, according to one critic, "will make your eyes burst into flames." (Videos) (Best line: La Lee can't taste sweet, salty, sour, bitter or umami because "she's had her tongue botoxed.") She also "made" a "Chanukah cake" -- video here -- which, well. . .are blue food dye, canned frosting and marshmallows kosher? Now, another foodie has come forth to claim authorship and to say mea culpa "fuck me" for giving Lee these "ideas".
8HuffPo has added a new page for atheists - although atheism is not a religion fans will be disappointed to know that its still categorised under religion.
5Welcome to Hamtramck, Michigan -- A city with a deepening fiscal crisis and no budget items left to cut.
6Using democracy to dismantle democracy: History repeating itself An alarming new Latin American trend.
6I wonder what Andy Schlafly would make of this
6A brace of prominent left-wingers, finally making the effort of noticing that President Obama is not one of them, screech at the "left establishment" about the need to Do Something.
6Wisdom, Caribou Barbie style: "If you want to have wild, organic, healthy food, you’re gonna go out there and hunt yourself." The concept of farming is obviously new to the lady; after all, not only does raising a crop take actual work, it takes too much time to be of soundbite value.
7Why should a postman pay for your university education? And why does free education end at 18?
7We know that "the stupid, it hurts." But, where hurts? And how much? LessWrong investigates!
20Research about biological clocks in mice dramatically affects Mike Adams Sorry 'Health Ranger', scientists have not unintentionally demonstrated that astrology works.
13Over the last two decades a Swedish city has effectively reduced to zero its use of fossil fuels to heat its homes and businesses.
5Another example of the irreparable harm that WikiLeaks does. WL has leaked a U.S. Embassy document about their ongoing study of Hugo Chavez's plan to ensnare Venezuela in a web of freedom-killing socialism. The embassy devoted lots of verbiage to one of Chavez's most sinister plots: AFFORDABLE PINKO TORTILLAS!
22Fair and balanced? Leaked memos show Fox News deliberately slanted their coverage of the health care debate.
6Did NASA really find New Life?? - Do the claims published in Science justify NASA's press conference?
8Be careful what you let access your Twitter account.
6"Sometime long ago, a writer by the side of Walden Pond decided that middle-class Americans may seem happy and successful on the outside, but deep down they are leading lives of quiet desperation. This message caught on (it’s flattering to writers and other dissidents) ... writers have become trapped in the confines of this orthodoxy."
5What Wikileaks has taught us about the open internet
9In 1960 John F. Kennedy said his faith would be separate from his public role, guess who thinks that's a bad idea.
3Forget the cards and gifts. Get revenge this holiday season!
2Narcissism will not appear in the next edition of the DSM. Of course, in a world where reality TV and Sarah Palin are given legitimacy, maybe narcissism is more of a state of mind than a personality disorder.
5Andy Kroll, although not deviating from the 150-year-old shtick about the rich being responsible for all of America's problems, forsakes the usual route of blaming Ronald Reagan for this and blames Jimmy Carter instead. Specifically, thanks to his policies, campaign money is now coming from the wrong sort of people, in consequence of which the U.S. is no longer a democracy.
8The first atheist in the Islamic Maldives is now speaking out after death threats; he's open to questions via YouTube. (Some background via dprjones)
5Two dispatches from the culture wars: John Boehner wants to lead his battalion against an exhibit of covertly gay art called "HIDE/SEEK." Meanwhile, Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma is going tête-à-tête with his hometown in the unrelenting War on Christmas.
8Worst. Nutcracker. Ever. With Nazi rats. And sharks. And Albert Einstein. I am not making this up.