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September 2011[edit]

7The "anti-science" false equivalence.
4An aggregator for LessWrong-style how-to-think-rationally blogs: Planet Rationalist.
8Years after King Arthur was baffled by the question, Wolfram Alpha gives us an answer.Eugh, I don't get it?
2RAP NEWS, a sort of rundown of two faaar extremes delivered with sweet lyrical flows and lesbian robot love
13The Onion: Harry Reid and John Boehner take Congress hostage. Update: The media actually believed it.
6From Goldman Sachs ruling the world to a crashing Euro: How many of Alessio Rastani's bold, frank and controversial statements were actually right?
8European philosophers as anime girls. Includes Spinoza panty shot.
6Edward Current reveals that his great 9/11 video was a massive hoax - and laughs at the Truthers who fell for it.
7The battle against Big Solar.
0Great Pick-Up Lines in Science?
6"Why Is (American) TV Suddenly Overstuffed With Buxom Bunnies, Sexy Stewardesses, and Charlie's Angels?"
5A warning that must be sent throughout the Interwebs.
9A perfect analysis of the current insanity in the US.
7Who wants a Mitt's the Shit hat? And the Typical Republican Voter.
6Some honesty on global warming.
7"You know you’re seriously fucked when even Moody’s, the most whorishly corrupt ratings company in modern history...can’t find a way to avoid downgrading you."
5But changing my mind is, like, hard 'n stuff.
11"The desire to disbelieve deepens as the scale of the threat grows" -- The numbers in one of the first global warming studies in 1975 (which aimed to predict climate change between then and 2010) "have proven almost dead-on correct." Yet, as the evidence continues to mount up, "resistance to the idea among many in the U.S. appears to have hardened."
8Dr. Ashens gets a letter from Peter Popoff about his SUPERNATURAL DEBT CANCELLATION!
6Contradictory beliefs (or, Crooked Timber goes Jeffrey Sachs.)
10Tearing pages from Bibles makes atheists ugly. PZ says what we're all thinking.
9The best argument for raising taxes: Bill-O will go Galt.
4That was to cry "Fire! Fire!" in Noah's Flood. (Bonus nerd points for guessing the reference.)
12Atheism is on the upswing in America. Somebody tell ShockofGod!
5God Hates Fax
7We need renewables, but it's also time to take geoengineering solutions like carbon capture seriously.
10Has American-style conservatism become a religion?
12Potholer54 refutes a creationist misrepresentation of evolution (regarding humans "getting whiter"), but because it was a woman he was refuting, she was an "innocent girl" and he was a "pig" - not so, he says, for I am an equal opportunity scoffer!
7Here's a neat idea: let's start a fund for cryptozoologists to go on a basic photography course.
5James Carville shatters some irony meters.
13Contender for the oddest headline ever: Gordon Ramsay's Dwarf Porn Double Found Dead In A Badger Den (challenging the current champion: Freddie Star Ate My Hamster)
6David Mitchell rants on climate change. Says what we're all thinking.
8Nobel prizewinner and Royal Society president Paul Nurse: Stamp out anti-science in US politics
9I wouldn't hold my breath for headlines reading "New study blows GAPING hole in denialist arguments."
3Solyndra: The "newest political chew toy."
8The ACLU on civil liberties ten years after 9/11.
6An herbicide marketed by DuPont started causing "unfortunate tree symptoms." DuPont denied everything until the trees on their own golf course started dying; then they were suddenly urging the EPA to ban the herbicide.
919 states allow you to marry your first cousin, but only if you're not the same sex
5Some non-hysterical reading to sate your 9/11 needs.
4The upside of global warming? Exxon can drill in the Arctic and use that money to fund even more denialists!
20State Representative Sally Kern is famous for stating that homosexuality is more dangerous than terrorism. Now in her new book she's claiming to have been taken out of context, what she meant to say was homosexuality is more dangerous than terrorism.
6Natural gas: A bridge to nowhere?
5“...all successful conspiracy theories have been a lie that people wanted to hear.”
9Want to solve our economic problems? Simple. We tax Ronald Reagan.
8Female orgasms: I think you'll find it's a little more complicated than that.
6Slate is currently running a series on everything you ever wanted to know about 9/11 conspiracy theories. (Latest entry here.)
7A handy guide to Republicans and global warming and evolution.
3Publish-or-perish: Peer review and the corruption of science
9In their own words: GOP candidates and science.
19Loads of dirt from a former GOP operative.
2The obsessive's guide to the Remote Sensing resignation flap.
5"Behind two out of three economic doors, it seems, lies a goat...."
5Who's to blame for the Wikileaks debacle?
19“…in the denial of global warming, we are witnessing the most vicious, and so far most successful, attack on science in history.”
9What happens when you get Cleverbot to talk to itself?
2Hitch says we should keep it simple regarding 9/11 - it was an evil act, nothing more, nothing less.
2Why people tend to forget about the Pentagon on 9/11.
0Early screening for 'serious mental illness' in teenagers can do more harm than good.
19"Moses: Wasn't Sarah Palin punishment for something? God: No, that just happened."
14The Center for Inquiry and Committee for Skeptical Inquiry are filing three petitions with the FDA regarding homeopathy:Via QuackWatch
10On the use (and mis-use) of Godwin's Law.