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RationalWiki:What is going on in the blogosphere?/October 2011

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October 2011[edit]

2And while we're on the Sally Morgan debacle, here's some amusing correspondence between her lawyer and Simon Singh.
2Derren Brown on Sally Morgan and testing psychics.
6An interview with You Are Not So Smart author and blogger David McRaney - covering the basics of the psychological and cognitive biases that plague our daily lives.
15David Brin: It is your duty to risk your brain and argue with your crazy uncle about climate change.
19The Onion: Nation Finally Breaks Down And Begs Its Smart People To Just Fix Everything
15Find your human number among 7 billion.
9"Confession: I have a thing for the GOP."
6One pair of hands at work does more than a thousand clasped around a piece of paper with writing on it.
11The best anti-bullying video in a while. But, as always, Jesusland won't listen.
8Engineers vs. intellectuals?
16The best Private Eye covers over 50 years.
6Robin Ince on political correctness, Ricky Gervais' bullishness and some horribly turbulent language.
2Libertarians come to debate.
3During the 16th and 17th centuries, the earth experienced a period global cooling that has since been nicknamed "the little ice age." So what caused it? A Stanford University geochemist has named the culprit -- Christopher Columbus!
10The Onion: Comatose GOP candidate drops out of the presidential race due to sex scandal.
12Denialism: Then and now.
14The Hamster Wheel takes a look at Sacha Baron Cohen's latest character: Lord Christopher Monckton. Totally serious.
12Here's what you missed last night: Evil Liberal #1 on Mitt Romney's new flip-flop, and Evil Liberal #2 on pepper spray, dwarf-throwing regulations and his new SuperPAC ad. (make sure you see the ending)
6Steve Jobs and woo.
15No, this is the best OWS sign.
1The Hitch: Are Mormons a cult? Who cares, it's their sinister beliefs we should be worried about!
13Charlie Brooker makes "a fairly pedestrian winge" and a Ross Kemp lookalike at The Telegraph doesn't get the joke. Brooker then responds in kind - because David Cameron is totally a motherfucking lizard. Isn't it obvious?Do You Believe That?
17All time greatest scientific abstract ever.
14Internships are like slavery - Actually, the comparison with slave owners is, in many respects, unfair. Say what you will about them, but slave owners had to meet the full cost of bed and board. They did not tell the slaves that they had to pay for the privilege of working for them either.
11Economics has met its match: itself. Where the hell is the Globe and Mail hiring these people?
-2Are touch screen tablets going to destroy our ability to read books?
7Not all deficits are economic.
5"Theoclassical" economics indeed.
7HuffPo blogger Amanda Terkel thinks she knows the origin of the 9-9-9 plan that Herman Cain is touting. And if she's correct, Cain needs to get out of his mother's basement more often. Update: Politifact tests Cain's math. Just guess what they thought of it.
6Confused about whether or not to be a dick?
11The Onion: Obama finally punches a banker in the face. His approval rating skyrockets to 93%.
8PZ Myers rips Deepak Chopra a new one.
12Alabama brings back slavery.
6Kate Fox (of Watching The English fame) on the UK's alcohol fuelled binge problem. - "The effects of alcohol on behaviour are determined by cultural rules and norms, not by the chemical actions of ethanol."
11Is atheist money just too controversial for the American Cancer Society?
5Where the hell did Alan Grayson come from? And the conservative responses are:

a) You are dirty hippies! and

b) Bullshit from PJ O'Rourke about the half-assed Dodd-Frank act.
15Yes furriners, many 'Murricans believe this nonsense.
6It wasn't long ago that top Republicans were appalled by the idea of giving super-rich investors a big tax break...
3Wegman's plagiarism: It just never ends.
8By now, it's probably conclusive that there isn't a left-wing bias in the American media.
15Shit's gonna go down.
6Socialists and market fundamentalists are the least in one way.
7The so-called "Communist Broadcasting Corporation" at its conservative worst.
3"Put simply, we need an epistemic common currency..."
6VIDEO: A young Midwesterner who went through reparative therapy talks about the experience.
20Fox attempts to bait a Wall Street protester and fails. If there's one video from the Wall Street protests you need to see, it's this.
9Marge Phelps: "Look at us! Look at us! We're relevant! Please look at us!! "God created the iPhone so I could tweet about Steve Jobs being in Hell"
8Papa Bear's running out of "coherent" responses.
9The "denier-industrial complex" in one graphic.
7Jerry Bergman claims that atoms are irreducibly complex. Let's look at that and see why it's wrong.Note; long post. Skip to section 5 if you're already familiar with ID and IC.
8You know something's wrong when pro-market groups start worrying about income inequality, calling it the "New Gilded Age."
14Poe's Law and RationalWiki featured on the front page of Know Your Meme!
7"But three decades of these supply-side policies have produced the same economic problems they were supposed to fix...(resulting in) a fierce tug of war among global policy makers, pitting those who would impose stricter fiscal austerity on already ailing economies against those focused on keeping the spending tap on."
17The beauty of technology.
7Penn Jillette asks why politicians have come over all religious recently.
6Robert Reich explains the US credit downgrade.
8Wingnut welfare hits the UK.
6Anthony Watts desperately fails at attempting to "debunk" Al Gore and Bill Nye. (Snarkier take at Wotts.)