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November 2009[edit]

7PZ Myers is an internet virus. BONUS: Jinx hi Jinx! rants in the comment section, calling Prof. Myers a "foul-mouthed bigot" and his fans a "mindless hoard of PZombies."
8In what is a worrying trend for the modern Republican Party, (but a pleasing one for everyone politically 'left' of Spiro Agnew) even right-wing bloggers like Little Green Footballs are pulling away from the increasingly lunatic fringe of the Right.
8"An iron curtain has descended across the Potomac"
6It's that time of year when Rush Limbaugh tells his version of the Thanksgiving story. (Hint: Living by the Bible Collectivism almost killed them. Accepting reality a little bit The free market saved them.)
8"If Congress would allow a robust economy, parents would be able to provide for their children themselves by earning and keeping more of their own money." Therefore, food stamps are a commie plot to destroy America. (Also, it is "not alarmist" to refer to Obama's presidency as a coup d'etat.)
7Lizard Boy on how Swine Flu vaccines are part of the creation of a Police State. (caution, long article)
-2The true source of homosexuality revealed!!
9Farah shows what a true patriot he is. He would like see America to win, but not as much as he would like to see Obama fail.
15Farah: You insolent peasants, why are you not giving me money - do you want Obama to be President for three more years or something? While we are on that topic, why have only 75,000 of you bought my book?
16The Sunday Times makes a PRATT of itself: Natural Selection is to blame for school shootings and racism.
7Farah, if you knew that you would get flamed for introducing politics into a tragedy to further your agenda - why did you fucking do it you two-faced piece of shit? Update: Forget politics, the media should be using this tragedy to promote our book for us.
20The Daily Mail weighs in on the sacking of Professor Nutt: The trouble with a 'scientific' argument, of course, is that it relies solely on empirical facts. (and just for the fun of it, this is how it was reported in The Sun.)
11Special Blogosphere cross over: Ray Comfort explains why he bastardised Darwin's The Origin of Species. Round two: Ray responds to Scott's criticisms, with lots of incredulity and his old classic about males and females evolving separately.