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November 2010[edit]

27Dykes should be allowed in the military, 'cos the real men they meet would soon set 'em straight.
24Farah: The gays are a threat to our national security. Update: Now Coulter joins in.
2Henry A. Giroux: Let's heed the lesson from my mentor one of the most important 20th-century educators, as education is no longer minting good little foot-soldiers for our cause besieged by liberal forces.
14The General Ripper-ification of the Internet continues: X-ray backscatter machines are a plot by Obama to sterilize rich white men so that the Muslim hordes can take over the country in a generation.
29Teenagers across Britain march in protests against the Conservative government's savage cuts to education spending. Fox News uses this as an illustration of "a rebellion against high taxes." Bonus: they mention Tory front the Taxpayer's Alliance and neo-Nazis the English Defence League together. The TPA were not happy.
25Dear author(s) of http://www.slayingtheskydragondeathofthegreenhousegastheory.com/: You fail at domain names. You fail at book titles (and covers). You fail at climate science.
12Dose the population with nuclear reactor water? Uranium ore in paint? "Such are the dreams of homeopaths."
14Farah: "America and California have irreconcilable differences."
13Some went and posted an anti-science screed called "Error in Rigour", by an Amitakh Stanford, to a bunch of science- and skepticism-oriented forums in the same day. The purpose is so far unknown, but the original website is highly recommended to green ink connoisseurs.
26Bryan Fischer: The latest Congressional Medal of Honor winner is a wuss.
20The Reverend Peter Sanlon: ...in general more women are supportive of permitting homosexuality. So in general statistical terms, the more women who are promoted to positions of leadership like that, the greater problem there will be in holding the line and defending the traditional views of morality in that area as well."
11With the election over and the TSA "pornoscanners" story running out of steam, Farah goes back to flogging his favorite dead horse.
40Rush Limbaugh: Obama is punishing people for voting Republican by having them groped at the airport.
19Some weird script-kiddie reckons he's going to hack the accounts of some well known YouTube and internet atheists... Commence argumentum ad cellarium!
21Google puts up one of their custom logos for Veterans Day. Idiots on Twitter are outraged: the red tail of the "e" under the flag looks like a red crescent. Idiot on Associated Content is outraged because Google caused an outrage.
13Representative John Shimkus insists we shouldn't concerned about the planet being destroyed because God promised Noah it wouldn't happen again after the great flood The Daily Mail reports. Speaking before a House Energy Subcommittee on Energy and Environment hearing in March, 2009, Shimkus quoted Chapter 8, Verse 22 of the Book of Genesis. They are a little bit late in reporting this, which makes it even funnier.
3British pupils get detention for refusing to say prayers in school. Of course, this being the Daily Mail, their beef is not the compulsory prayer per se, but that it was to the wrong god. [Two years ago]
34First it was women, now Ann Coulter doesn't want anyone under the age of thirty to vote, because they vote Democrat.
8Bryan Fischer: The Bible says that when a grizzly bear attacks a human, that's God putting a curse on the land. Therefore, since "one human being is worth more than an infinite number of grizzly bears," it's time for a bear massacre.
17The Family Research Council "critiques" the US Military survey on gays serving openly; it doesn't agree with our POV therefore it must be biased.
8And this idiot is a parent?
25Global Warming Denier: "If there is one lesson to be learned from and about environmentalists, it is that they are utterly relentless. The ultimate goal is one-world government directed from the United Nations by unelected bureaucrats who are soulless strangers to the truth, to morality, to humanity."
15It's been 12 years since the media first perpetuated up the MMR hoax. You'd think that education and knowledge of the subject of vaccinations would have improved as a result of the studies completely discrediting the likes of Andrew Wakefield, right? Not if the comments on this Daily Mail article are anything to go by.
13Oh noes! Obama appeared on scary black people hip-hop radio!
14WorldNetDaily prints "I totally heard from a friend who knows this guy that says his cousin knows Obama is stealing the election" as news.