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October 2010[edit]

2Melanie Phillips deemed inappropriate, according to Henrico County Public Schools.[1].
27Time Traveller spotted in a Charlie Chaplin film using a mobile phone!
16Michael Nazir Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester, says British schools should teach that Christianity is a foundational part of British values. Melanie Phillips agrees, adding that Nazir Ali should be the Archbishop of Canterbury, because the liberal incumbent dared to apologise for the slave trade!
24Ike's great-granddaughter says she was recruited for a Mars colony. And was targeted by time travel surveillance. I think. It's even less coherent than it sounds.
20Are you an alien hybrid starseed?
17Oh noes, they're coming for our homeschooled kids! How can America abandon Somalia by being the next-to-last country to ratify the UN Rights of the Child?
17What's wrong with trying to be reasonable and level headed in the midst of crisis? It makes you a snob says Michael Gerson.
11Hmm, let's see now: He's slovenly, gluttonous, absolutely loves beer, often gets drunk, has an anger-management problem -- especially directed towards his first-born -- is inattentive at a job that demands attention to detail, and is generally dull-witted and easily influenced by any persuasive person expressing a half-baked idea. So, of course, without a hint of irony, the Vatican's official newspaper has proclaimed that Homer Simpson is a true Catholic.
18Denialist fail: Representative Joe Barton criticizes Michael E. Mann’s projections of global warming. Except Michael Mann didn't make any projections.
27Glenn Beck thinks that videos parodying him may be government funded.
24Distant starlight problem. Solved.
19Carl Wieland uses CMI to brag about his daughter, who somehow survived a "bombardment" of zoology, biology, and anatomy in medical school with delusions intact, and now blames evolution for the current conditions of the Australian Aborigines, thereby whitewashing a little inconvenient history.
27Letting that house in Tennessee burn down was the Christian thing to do.( You need to select the black area to read it)(copied here for a while.[fair use?])
16Melanie Philips throws a predictable hissy-fit over druids and religion.
18Health care reform: it makes people worship the government (a false god), it is a false god, and it used a false god to be voted in. And it steals and covets peoples' money to kill babies and make kids ravenous sex addicts. So says American Thinker's Wendy Wright.