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November 2013[edit]

29According to Bryan Fischer. the US Constitution allows officials to make Islam illegal and to ban the building of mosques.
20Boris Johnson: 16% of the population have an IQ below 85! (In other news, 50% of schools score below the median.)
20Exorcisms are on the rise in Mexico, because the country is under attack by satan
29Eric Hovind comes up with dumbest argument against gay marriage ever: "Squares aren't Circles.. Well, unless you count Aschlafly's example of how traditional marriage provides a greater set than gay marriage..
25Want to live in a world free of chemtrails? Then bring your 3D printer and help us build Orgonite City!
11Washington Post: "Yet even the rich have finite resources; government can only go to that well so many times. Why spend this gob of revenue on the elderly, who are already heavily protected by the federal government?"
22Faux News claim JFK as one of their own.
19Troll/poe alert: 5 reasons to date a girl with an eating disorder.
42Humans are so NOT from earth. Sunburn and bad backs are proof. We are aliens on a prison planet. I figured as much.
5"Cameron should start liberal party" The (Tory) Planning Minister seems to think no-one else will represent the youngest Liberal voters.
33Oh no! RationalWiki has pissed off Cathy Brennan! What shall we do? (The same we did the last time?)
19Boris Johnson is one stupid bastard: Please don't abuse the rich. Tosser
15"Is Tina Fey the Reincarnation of Napoleon?" (Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
31Bryan Fischer: Christmas is in Constitution. Because dates.
32The morals of Ray Comfort: You can't say that God repopulated the world after the Flood via incest, "because “incest” wasn't a sin or a crime in those days."
-11The Daily Mail, everyone: Paranoid android: Cleaning gadget 'switches itself on' and moves onto kitchen hotplate in 'suicide bid'
25Compromising, militant, salad-bar Christians are pointing people to talk.origins and ruining everything!
22Comet ISON harbinger of earthquakes, and just to double down on the crazy, it's also being accompanied by multiple UFOs.
22UK tabloid the Daily Star, shares its ignorance of weather and climate by claiming Typhoon Haiyan will batter Britian at Christmas
1716 Reasons Why EVIL Hillary Clinton Will Win 2016
22Don't Talk! Date! The "Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood" dishes up some a-grade crazy.
22Masculist website Return of Kings runs a comedy piece on identifying transwomen. Choice sample: "Trannies have cut marks on their bodies". See also the response from Man Boobz.
17"Street harassment is no big deal. The only time feminists cry about it is when the men who do it aren't attractive enough!".
25Gordon Klingenschmitt claims he has a mathematical proof of God's existence. Spoiler alert: No, he doesn't.
24Glenn Beck: The next mayor of New York City is a "violent revolutionary"!
22Deepak Chopra complains about those nasty skeptics who won't let him make his Wikipedia biography more loveable.
28The reasons you don't like Libertarians: You're Brainwashed, you're a parasite, you're a coward... and worst of all, you're convinced Libertarians are jerks!
20Gluten is Evil! And it causes brain damage.
18Christian runner gets allocated race number "666." You can guess what happened next.
31Cuccinelli losing the election was totally the fault of RINOs and libertarians, and had nothing to do with him wanting to make oral sex a felony. Bonus round: More whining and crying about those RINOs. This columnist actually believes Cuccinelli was serious about cutting spending.
18If you're a performer considering the sale of your soul to Satan, you should insist on talent as part of the bargain.
8Lyndon Johnson killed JFK.
22Before It's News says the next winter will have the WORST WEATHER IN 1000 YEARS!