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December 2013[edit]

-1World according to the Twitter-verse: America is turning 2014 years old or the earth is 2014 years old or something. (Thank goodness it's only 1914.)
26Return of Kings: high school girls are responsible for school shootings because they won’t have sex with nerds.
-30A "blog" that becomes a "clog" because of a blatant attempt to pander to non-believers with a misleading title, with the actual results listed at the end of the article. The real story is that a University of Regina study has found that three groups are more likely to lie in order to achieve financial gain: Business majors, children of divorce, and people who claim that religion is important to their lives. And this isn't the only blog/clog posting to do this.
18The John Birch Society defends the theory of nullification, which has been roundly rejected by the Supreme Court for over 200 years, even after the group Americans for Limited Government called the practice unconstitutional. The conservative lobbying group was apparently not nutty enough for JBS.
14The world may or may not be ending because of Obamacare but you'd better buy your guns and build your stockpiles just in case.
13Alex Jones exposed, courtesy of some raging antisemitism.
21Sarah Palin will defend Phil Robertson's comments to the death... even though she has no idea what he actually said.
37Here's a rather dumb argument you don't see every day: Instead of learning to tolerate and accept others' harmless proclivities, why don't we just genetically engineer away those proclivities so people can stay bigoted and not have to deal with them, and without any undesirables left to discriminate against, we can all live happily ever after! Of course, this is less surprising upon discovering this site also promotes such things as racial realism.
36Southerner talks shit about LGBT people, journalists feign shock. (The Rosa Parks of our generation!)
13The Neocons at the Washington Post are desperate to stay relevant.
37A truly, madly, batshit insane post from catholic.org on gender issues.
11People with Cancer have simply reached the stage that their immune system is so overworked that it has no resources left to take care of the cancer
18Megyn Kelly just doesn't know when to stop digging.
20A Tea Party Facebook group posts an image from a game that others view as an attack on the TP. (Of course, everyone forgot about the Know-Nothings).(Warning: Poe's Law in action!) Update: They finally took down the picture and (because they got free publicity) declared victory.
14The SCOTUS has suspended habeas corpus. (Or it could be that another sovereign citizen is finding out what the law really is.)
35Proving once again that insanity knows no bounds, Frothy claims that Obamacare is a plot to kill people who don't vote the right way.
32You fascist gays should be put in ovens! (This is pre-Sochi Russia.)
23Alties have started a petition demanding Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales change Wikipedia's policies to counteract alleged "bias" in alternative medicine articles. Apparently they're tired of their own biased edits being reverted by the tyrannical skeptics patrolling the articles, and they want to be allowed to inject their bullshit.
24More Pat: The War on Christmas is because atheists are miserable and can't stand the joy of Christmas. Pass the eggnog.
21"Don't let lesbians sleep under your roof," says Pat Robertson. Or your children could catch teh gey.
19CMI explains how without a divine creation there could be no economics.
21It seems someone took the whole Obama/Thorning-Schmidt lulz way too far.
20Megyn Kelly is now a qualified anthropologist, essentially.
21"I cannot view Mandela as any other than a leader who engaged in mass genocide of his own innocent people." (The anti-abortion crowd weighs in on Mandela's pro-choice legacy.)
22Bryan Fischer, the American Family Association's homophobe-in-chief: "India's Supreme Court upheld a law passed by the elected representatives of the people. We need a Supreme Court which will do the same." Those "elected representatives" were actually... English colonists.
24Madiba is burning in hell.(Warning: Westboro Baptist Church in action!)
14We wouldn't have dared done this with Mao! Or Deng! Or Gorbachev! Commie propaganda coup.
17Madiba is burning in hell. 'Unfortunately, while Mandela did some great things for the nation of South Africa by ending apartheid, Heaven is like an exclusive club, unsaved unwelcome. Mandela died unsaved, and is therefore not welcome in Heaven.'(Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
22Teach your children to love Ted Cruz, via a coloring book.
17A 'Biblical Scholar' makes a YouTube video. It's got Islamophobia, Obama paranoia, exhortations to buy gold, and predicts that the Antichrist will appear in April 2014. Bookmark it!
35According to Stan Solomon and Phyllis Schlafly, liberals are going to steal conservatives' babies, to use in gay porn.
23A Voice For Men: Bitcoin will bring the downfall of feminism.
15David Frum warns Americans for the restoration of the Soviet Union and urges the US to intervene in the Ukraine: "An inward-looking America is averting its attention from its own most important interests and highest ideals." An inward-looking America also does not invade countries left and right.
12Oh Louise, if only you knew...
19Hi, my name is Duncan Hunter, and I'm here to explain why my party is falling apart at the seams.
8The AFA's "Naughty and Nice" List of companies helpfully advises which will recite an inane shibboleth will make you feel totally "Othered" will wish you a Merry Christmas.
14Pamela Geller doesn't like a resolution condemning ethnic cleansing in Burma because the victims are Muslim. (It seems "jihad" is now a placeholder for anything Islam.)
16What do we celebrate on Dec. 25? Oh, the fact that you'll never win political office.
30Paul Walker was assassinated by an Obama drone strike, "to highlight Operation Fast and Furious just prior to an unprecedented gun-related massacre in the United States stemming from one or more of the 2,000 assault rifles sold by the ATF to Mexican drug cartels."
22Miriam Carey was shot dead outside the White House, to cover up the fact she was the mother of Obama's love child.
20Ray Comfort: Paul Walker's dead? Let me use this tragedy to show you why Mormons aren't Christians.