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October 2013[edit]

18Daily Express starts a Crusade.
20Happy Halloween Reformation Day, from Ken Ham
21Cellular Cosmogony is back: The world is concave, the stars and the Moon are optical illusions, and the Space Shuttle had a hardened nosecone so it could break through the sheet of glass covering the sky!
12Diana's ghost tells Kate Middleton: 'She's too thin'
7Natural News: Red Alert! Million US Citizens to lose healthcare! Isn't that a good thing in their books? I thought Allopathy was evil!
1739 “Spooky” Real Life Stories From Gossip Mags
20Not content with claiming Obama is the bastard child of Frank Marshall Davis, now wing-nuts are claiming Chelsea Clinton is the bastard child of Webb Hubbell. ("Now?" Where have you been the last couple decades?)
15English nationalist crank predicts a spate of arson attacks against windmills because of a joke printed on the wall of a cafe.
25The Seven Most Hilariously Bad Arguments for Things Being Bad Arguments for Gay Marriage.
15Coincidence? You be the judge: Egyptian pyramid and Irish mound are exactly one tenth of a great circle apart
26Pat Robertson catches foot-in-mouth disease again : "If your prayers to heal your deaf son aren't working, you must be doing something wrong."
11If WND call your op-ed "too extreme," maybe it's time to rethink your position.
13My body is ready! The World Congress of Quantum Medicine is coming.
17The Croydon Advertiser reports on the latest hoax from the Daily Bale. The Bale responds by claiming that the journalist responsible is a feminist, an anarchist, a terrorist, a sadist, a Satanist and "a middle-class Lefty". "So why should a woman who holds all of the above views be allowed to have a career in journalism?"
17Fundie preacher plagiarizes a picture for the cover of his child rearing book. Hilarity ensues.
21Venereal Disease strikes again: the Taliban were justified in shooting Malala Yousafzai because uppity educated women don't have as many babies.
14Let me explain that I'm not a sociopath, and if you disagree, I'm going to make a violent threat. A libertarian addresses a certain breed of Liberal and concludes with, "But if you are planning to take me and my family down with you, as we say down here in the South, I will stomp a mud-hole in your chest and walk it dry. Bring it."
11Vox Day claims that science as it is practiced today, or "scientistry" to use his bizarre term, is on its last legs; not only will the obviously pesky theories of evolution and global warming be discarded, but most of what we've learned in the last sixty years along with them. (Bonus: What Daniel Dennett practices is not "the science of Bohr and Feynman." Maybe because he's a philosopher?)
17In the (rather hyperbolic) opinion of the "head of religion and ethics" at the Beeb, the secular nature of British society is now at a point that much of the humour in Monty Python's funniest movieNo, it isn't!Yes, it is!No, it isn't!Yes, it is! is incomprehensible to many younger Brits.
36Rick Scarborough: “Let’s sue homosexuality!
3Another head-scratcher of a political psychology study: If you have a sister, that means you're more likely to be conservative?
15Megyn Kelly tries to rein in Caribou Barbie. It's in the clogs for a reason.
16They know science, but why are they fighting its conclusions on all fronts? (A methodology problem with the study, maybe? Similarly, if 58% know the relation between C02 and climate change, then why are we even having the debate?)
11Louie Gohmert goes full retard. You NEVER go full retard.
11Misogynist Roosh V has drawn up a map, showing just where Earth girls are easy.
18Erik Rush makes a suggestion so crazy, even Fox wouldn't air it... but WND will: Let's have a civil war! (Oh god, the irony!)
13The monsters under your bed are aura babies that grew up wrong.
17A plea to open up a conversation about the real problem facing America today: zombies.
15Teabagger from California decries Obama's misdeeds. Short version: We aren't subverting the country, You are!
29Some poor conspiracist went into Apollohoax.net at full tilt, with predictable results. Open a bag of popcorn and enjoy! Accepting bets whether the thread will run to more than 50 pages. Weisguy resorts to (clumsily) changing the subject, forcing the moderator to bifurcate the thread.
19Joe the Plumber decides to get in on the moral panic action: "RABBLE RABBLE! Left-wing wants to protect adult-kid sex!"
18The Daily Beast grabs a plunger and finds some clogs. First item: Ken Ham says Bill Nye doesn't understand science.
24The hits just keep coming: Louie Gohmert accuses John McCain of supporting Al Qaeda.
30Tom Clancy, another victim of the Obama murder machine.
12TheBlackSphere.net author Kevin Jackson insists that YOU are not racist for wanting a white, Republican president.
13"The Chinese are coming! The Chinese are coming!"
10"Thanks to feminism...women are always being depicted as more amiable and less prone to violence," says a forensic psychologist who apparently is shocked that women can do equally crazy things as males.
19Remember Dana Ullman? Heeee's baaaaack! First article by him at the Huffington Post since December. It's full of the rankest sewers of nonsense and crazy.
12The Rupert Sheldrake Talk page at Wikipedia, currently the scene of a Fringe Freak Out featuring an army of woo proponents led by Craig Weiler who calls it "The Battle for Rupert Sheldrake's Biography" and issued a general Call To Arms to challenge an alleged conspiracy of evil skeptics bent on preventing Sheldrake's Wikipedia bio from being made more loveable.
20Conservatives, don't even think about accusing your opponents of being sexist because they don't support your female candidates.
36More creepy shit from the manosphere. Raise your son to be a male chauvinist pig by paying him to hit on women twice his age at the park, establishing friendships with neighbors who have hot daughters so he can fuck them, and becoming a regular at a strip club so that he might eventually take up your mantle. P.S.: forget age 25; women start to turn fat and ugly after age 16.. Thank you for documenting this bullshit, David.
27What happens when one mixes Godwin, fear-mongering, American Far-Right talking points, and a heavy coat of bullshit. Note they don't back any of their information up, or bother to do actual research about Nazi Germany's religious system. It's really got nothing to do with Nazis- it's just their paranoid fears collectively put under the name "Nazi".
34Confidence doesn’t give men erections; vulnerability does. Choice quote: "The idea that women should have self-esteem or need it... is one of the most disastrous social engineering experiments of the modern era."
35Circular reasoning is ok if it's "consistent," which is to say that it's Christian creationists doing it.
21Alex Jones Mad Lib: the recent (noun, place) shooting was a false flag perpetrated by (noun, group) designed as justification for (conspiracy theory). You should be (adjective).
19The stock market didn't plunge one day into a government shutdown, ergo libertarianism is good!
21Bryan Fischer wants more attention, so he spews his opinion about a Trans homecoming queen. A fine High School bully, he is. Yay Jesus.
25Craft store chain Hobby Lobby may hold its breath until it turns blue, and then you'll all be sorry! close its 500+ stores in 41 states rather than provide birth control as required by Obamacare. This would seem to qualify as an entry under WIGO World, except that this blog is called "World Events and the Bible." Yep, they fully support what they see as the constitutional right of employers to force their beliefs on their employees. And the comments section? Well, that's the frosting on this turd cake.
13Not only are single moms responsible for the breakdown of society, they are also the reason for the decline in newspaper readership!
13Dean Chambers, the genius behind Unskewed Polls, has determined that Obama is actually gay. Which must make him studlier than Theodore Roosevelt.