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October 2009[edit]

5A libertarian drug policy: "Let the weak and the foolish destroy themselves for MY benefit".
14Supposed "doctor" butchering physics in order to show how homeopathy "works".
9Peaches Geldof (who else?) takes whatthefuckery to a new level. (This is thankfully short and sweet)
3The DNC produces a video in which a mural of the U.S. flag is sprayed over with Republican anti-public-health-care slogans. Republicans respond: This mural is a violation of the Flag Code U.S. flag, and spray painting over it is flag desecration.
7With "pro-gay" companies better weathering the global financial crisis, what better image could you use to illustrate this story than a packet of Fruity Cheerios? Such subtlety. (Oh, and for some reason it's ironic if you support gay rights and oppose Obama's policies.)
7So global warming is a pseudoscience pushed by English lords who are apparently "self-proclaimed." Okay, Farah; how did you test your hypothesis that giving up sin will save the world?
9Farah: Fox News isn't promoting our new book for us. Therefore, Fox News is being intimidated by Obama. Update Oh come on, won't someone promote our book for us, please?
6Not just any kind of porn, radical porn.
0Some curious ideas about gravity from Dan and Trevor Green.
0Denyse O'Leary finds something she can have an even stupider opinion on than evolution - mathematics.
10OMG some complete random person has been selling Obama flags on e-bay - we must prosecute them to the full extent of the law, which is nothing more than screaming "don't do that." That is one can of worms you might not want to open. (See also: Flag Police)
-8Here's another way to spin "mob mentality" a sinister psychosocial phenomenon encouraging the population to think irrationally: Ideological Teamism!
2From the minds that brought you the Whitewater conspiracy and the Vince Foster "murder": Obama is leading a bloodless coup.
2Nobel Peace Prize nominee Rush Limbaugh shows why he was never a winner.
4Obviously John McCain should have won the Nobel Peace Prize.
2Julie provides more Foxworthy-esque Demonic Awareness Month humor and shills for her at home exorcism methods. MORE:Apparently demonic possession is all about making questionable fashion choices HarHarHar. EVEN MORE: Exposed boxers and strippers are pretty obvious signs of demonic possession
23Truly one picture is worth a thousand clogo posts. (see here for a simple but snarkilicious take on the original)
3 Julie kicks off Demonic Awareness Month by ripping off Jeff Foxworthy BONUS: Jinxie goes all Conservapedia on people commenting on Julie's whackadoodleness.
3It is the first of October, let the War on Christmas begin.
2World's worst blog comedian Holy Plan's Ben shows that he still does not quite get it.