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September 2009[edit]

12Republicans love their country so much, they'll destroy it if necessary: Newsmax prints an article advocating a military coup to overthrow Obama, then gets cold feet (or possibly a visit from the Secret Service) and yanks it. Traitors and wimps--what a great combination! (Full text here, when and if the cache expires.)
7Oh noes! A 16 year old boy got beaten to death in Chicago! Instead of blaming the perpetrators of the beating, Glenn Beck goes off blaming atheists and nontheists for violence and collapse of society. Uhh...Glenn, I think the Swedes, the Norwegians, the Danes, and the Japanese would like to have a word with you.
4Atheism is just a new identity for the snobby middle-classes, apparently. Ariane Sherine, on the other hand, responds gracefully.
3Julie falls for a variation on an old George Carlin routine. She's wrastled demons, spoke to God, and reinterpreted the bible but the Catholic equivalent of the "who's on first" bit stumps her. BONUS: Jinx wades in via the comments section and entirely misses the point.
6America is just like Austria in the 1930s. The Nazis had laws on things, the US government has laws on things as well. OMG, Obama is Hitler!
23The rapture starts on September 21, 2009. Get your tickets now! Add: ...So, is anyone you know missing? UPDATE: No, wait, I mean October 21 (date updated on page!)UPDATE: Uhh... Fall 2009. That's it.
4CMI tries to argue for young-earth creationism with a quote from, of all people, C.S. ("Theistic Evolutionist") Lewis. Furthermore, the quote itself acknowledges evolution as having happened!
2The Free Republic boards show their amazing tact and decency.
9An increase in the number of earthquakes is a sign that the end times are coming.
0Julie tries No True Scotsman, before declaring "it is because of OUR moral decline that Barack Obama is President."
2Cass Sunstein: Just Another Czar in Obama's Anti-Life Pyrimid Scheam. This columnist: Just another loony nutter with frighteningly bad command of the English language.
3In what has surely come as a surprise to fans of one of the world's least interesting bands, The Corr's, Jim Corr, their 'main man', turns out to be a mad 9/11 conspiracist New World Order nutjob.
4Kent Hovind explains from jail why structuring isn't structuring and asks for $380,000 to save Dino Adventure Land. Scary thing is it appears to be working!
-1Nobody listens to me! I know - it's all RW's fault!
-1Don't worry Julie, I doubt the aliens/Nephilim will take you as a wife.
-2Yes, Malta is an island, but last time I checked it was a island in Europe. Helpful hint: Search the page for Malta, and look where it is listed.
-1Now this is quality Jinx baiting
4Not all black people are a drug taking, welfare dependent criminals, just the ones who voted for Obama.