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September 2010[edit]

32Real political satirists apparently can't have political opinions: "When you're on one side or the other, you're no longer a satirist."
24Mere moments after Martin Robbin's "generic science article". the Daily Mail gives us an example. Notably, compare the headline with the first quote from the actual researcher.
23In today's attempt to redefine bizarre, Rush Limbaugh dismisses breast feeding preventing obesity as an "Old Wives Tale". Irony meter broken, let Freudian speculation begin!!
25Joseph Farah goes from zero to martyr in under 15 sentences.
13So what are we supposed to use? Candles and paraffin?
44From the archives: Farah February 22: the tea-party movement needs to take over both political parties. Farah May 11: you can't call the tea-partiers insurgents, they are not trying to take over a political party. Update: Farah September 20: "The tea party movement is not seeking a junior partnership with the Republican Party, but a hostile takeover of it."
-16"There is a strange, hyperbolic expression favored by the New Atheists: 'cramming religion down the throats of children.'" Maybe that's because so many atheists -- both new and old -- remember their parents cramming religion down their throats. BTW, the author is a member of the BioLogos Foundation, which Jerry Coyne has said is "embarrassing in its single-minded fervor to prove that conservative Christianity and evolution are really good buddies." Ken Ham holds a similar opinion.
12Danielle Bean thinks that feminism means not having reproductive choice and embracing "traditional family life."
12In a WiGO:Clogs/WiGO:CP crossover, TerryH embraces a logic fail of epic proportions to explain how the existence of Native American myths about the Grand Canyon is proof of a young Earth.
18Turning the crazy up to 11, Oregon tea party explains why it chose a teepee as its logo: "this whole tea party business which has of late been rumpling some parts of America reminds us here at the magazine of what the Indians went through". Let's just hope it's a Poe...
22Joseph Farah is no longer giving President Obama the benefit of the doubt and has concluded that Obama is ineligible to serve as President of the United States. In other words, Obama has conceded ineligibility.
10Distort D'Newsa, with the support of Newt Gingrich, presents his latest brilliant liberal-bias-free insight: Obama hates America so much because he is a latter-day Mau Mau.
-5Rush Limbaugh is bitching because the media found out that he graduated from high school with intended Koran burner Terry Jones. "[D]o you remember everybody you went to high school with?...This guy is in Florida to boot. He's not in Missouri," sayeth the Oxy-popper from his Palm Beach bunker.
30Who knew? The National Park Service is loaded with Islam-sympathizers, who are engaged in an enormous conspiracy to make a Flight 93 memorial into a super-secret terrorist shrine and the centerpiece of a colossal (invisible) mosque.
12In response to this New Yorker article about the Koch brothers funding the Tea Party movement and other anti-Obama agitators, The Daily Beast (which lately has been tacking harder to the right) published this response wherein David Koch claims that they are just misunderstood and that the left wing is just a bunch of big meanies.
26Palin's running mate?
20ChristWire finally admits to being a parody site. Another victory for Poe. Update: ChristWire reacts to its own outing.
23Creationists and humor together. Fail. Hat tip
13After President Obama's address concerning the withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq, one of Dubya's former advisors posted this fawning column praising the former Gawd-inspired Decider Guy and Edumacator-In-Chief. The next day, Keith Olbermann nuked the column thusly.