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August 2009[edit]

0Farah you are not just a journalist with whom I disagree - you are a cunt.
-1"Hezbollah and al-Qaida are not as dangerous as America's liberals." Nuff said.
-1Michael Savage Wiener: Britain ordered the hacking of my website.
5WorldNutDaily shatters every irony meter within a hundred miles: SOCIETY HAS TO BE CLEANSED! THEN AMERICA CAN CHANGE THE WORLD! This in an article calling Obama a Nazi. Bonus lulz: The Nazis weren't fascists; they were actually Reds.
1Godwin much Jinx hi Jinx!?
5WND shows why it is the gold standard in investigative journalism: OMG!! OBAMA's MYSPACE PAGE SAZ HE IS 52 HE CAN'T BE PRESIDENT!!11! Also regular reads will notice that they have added his kindergarten records to the list of documents they want released. Where's the finger paintings?
2The Daily Express tries to beat the Daily Mail as Britians worst tabloid-in-denial with this family friendly piece of transphobia. (People must have noticed as the "have your say" bit is disabled and their editorial comment that was on the printed editiion, where they happily confused transgender and transvestite, isn't available online)
1Oh noes! Disney's new film has a black princess. Luckily somebody has his head screwed on straight when it comes to the "controversy".
-2Rachel Marsden (who apparently didn't get the memo about the breakup of the Soviet Union) takes a shine to Vladimir Putin. Fortunately, being Russian Prime Minister gets you your own security detail.
0There are no statistics more compelling than those presented in a word document with the red lines under them.
30Investor Business Daily brings the Stupid: "People such as scientist Stephen Hawking wouldn't have a chance in the U.K., where the National Health Service would say the life of this brilliant man, because of his physical handicaps, is essentially worthless." and "The British have succeeded in putting a price tag on human life, as we are about to." Evidently, they don't know what country Hawking lives in, or what an "Insurance Company" does. More: Big Steve praises the NHS.
15Conservatives rally around poor Kenneth Gladney, a black conservative just trying to make a living who was assaulted by "Obama Union Thugs." Interesting story about this though, after the "assault," Mr. Gladney was able to yell and scream, and he seemed just fine when he appeared on Fox News the next day. But come Saturday, two days after the attack, he's suddenly confined to a wheelchair and too hurt to speak. Those union thugs must be using some sort of delayed reaction crippling device, no doubt built by Barack Obama himself to silence the protesters.
3From WorldNutDaily: In the ongoing saga of GOP plants vs. representatives at town hall meetings, when Rep. John Tanner of Tennessee declined to hold a town hall meeting, the plants made a video exposing his meeting with Michael Moore treason against America.
1As part of his master plan to round up dissidents into FEMA concentration camps, Obama makes the mistake of publicly advertising for interment officers. Don't worry America, WorldNutDaily is on the case.
17Sarah Palin's latest grab for attention. Fucking hell. I don't even have something witty to say about this. I fucking need a drink...
0Let's throw our political opponents in Guantanamo Bay, of course it is they who are the fascists.
1The only racism in the US is those nigg colored darkies voting for the black guy.
0Holy Plan's Ben shows how up to date he keeps his blog by posting on something that was roundly debunked three years ago.
1Pastor Tom Estes (writing it T.estes makes my inner 5-year-old giggle), fresh from trolling Pharyngula, decides to go full-metal CP and IP-blocks his detractors.
0Arthur Laffer, of Laffer Curve fame, says that health care can't be run by the government, asking an audience to imagine Medicare or Medicaid done by the government. Yes, what if Medicare was done by the government...
0VenomFangX is back! Comes with Godwin's Law right at the 3rd comment!
1Finally, Obama's REAL birth certificate is revealed! So much for those crackpots who thought he was born in Kenya! Update: get your own Kenyan birth certificate here!
0A White Christian can marry a Black Christian, but that is not evolution, it is just variations within a kind. Also, although it is perfectly all right for Christians to marry other believers, such as Muslims, marrying an atheist is a definite no-no.
0As hard as it is to accept, Roy Edroso isn't making this shit up.