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September 2012[edit]

9The English Shieldwall outlines the importance of recognising English ethnicity. Jock Macdonald and Changchang Wu sound like lovely people.
36Terry Hurlbut: Obama "rainbow" flag secret code EQUALS HITLER!!1!
18Hell freezes over, as WND claims Obama to win in a 'Super Accurate Poll'
38Texas Republicans, go fuck yourselves.
20Ann Coulter shows it's not just the kettle and Obama that are black.
9The freshly discovered comet 2012 S1 ISON promises to be visible in daylight in 2013. You can guess where this is going...
34Institute for Creation Research: ENCODE "proclaim[ed] that the human genome is irreducibly complex and intelligently designed." (Compare with reality to see how many different outright lies you can spot.)
9This is totally like the time JFK got elected and we were all forced to convert to Catholicism! There's so much wrong with Mitt Romney, who cares what some dead Mormon said?.
22Like son, like mother.
40The average penis size is shrinking because of feminism, says Rush Limbaugh.
34Czechoslovakia? Hell, Obama's even abandoned Franz Ferdinand!
65I guess they had nothing better to whine about.
21British soap actor says that the world will change dramatically on 12 December because we'll all start vibrating. Or something.
2314 year old boy hangs himself. To most of us, tragic. To the Daily Mail, an opportunity to score points in its ridiculous crusade against having fun.
22Possible Mouse Like Skull appears in Mars Rover Picture? I'm sorry, GLP, but Biker Mice from Mars was not a documentary.
12"Vandalism is proof that you have no arguments" - because you need an argument for "let's give people equal rights and privileges under the law and in the eyes of society".
19Somehow, this guy manages to glaze over the possibility that the "Leftist-Islamic Alliance" is a paranoid right-wing masturbatory fantasy.
15Yup, because clearly we should go through life assuming that everyone else is exactly like us.
18It seems that "pro-life" activists are more deluded than we thought.
26Yeah, right, you didn't vote for it the first time around either, you fucking liars.
17A religious nutjob claims he has witnessed the success of intercessory prayer in regrowing amputated limbs, or at least would have had those doing the prayers not got distracted at the last moment.
11Grab the chance to be labelled "True Patriot" by donating $5000 to the production of Gray State, an indie dystopian paranoid movie about societal collapse, martial law and government takeover. The target audience are already salivating over the trailer.