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October 2012[edit]

27Mr. Pot Kettle Black: "Chris Christie is fat and a fool"
13TPTB are shaking with fear as Tila Tequila takes on the Illuminati.
18We probably won't win any money from James Randi for our predictive powers, but let's face it: we all saw this one coming. What we didn't see: Pat Robertson not saying it first.
16FiveThiryEight's poll analyses are wrong because Nate Silver lacks machismo. Update: The author has since apologized for attacking Silver's appearance.
17The Daily Mail's wet dream of everything that could possibly go wrong with Britain.[1]
20Bryan Fischer doubles down on the "Obama is a secret Muslim!" "conspiracy", cites Obama's wearing of an object in plain sight.
36The No True Scotsman fallacy may need to be renamed.
22Whoa, shitbag, can you repeat that again?
31How World Net Daily celebrates Free Speech Week: endorse treason trials for reporters.
38Ask a question at the Presidential debate - get a right-wing nutjob digging through your garbage.
21Roger L. Simon: Should Barack Obama take advantage of tonight's debate to resign?
15The Spanish fluWikipedia that killed millions in 1918-1919 was actually aspirin.
4Saint Timothy, in a purely charitable Christian fashion, tries to trademark a meme. Obligatory response.
9Woden's Folk supporter: do Zionists worship Martians? ("...a synthesis of information taken from David Icke and Zechariah Sitchin" can't be wrong, right?)
17Not just Corsi, but WND itself: Obama's gay.
26Got to love those Fox News headlines: ROMNEY SMOKES OBAMA!!! (in pre-debate coin tosses)
6Binders of women, they're all falling from the sky!
25Homeschooled 14-year-old Kiwi writes a letter to the editor about gay marriage: If gays are allowed to marry, ducks could take over the world!!! Quack, quack.
14So apparently the Tea Party stopped pretending to not be racist.
25If Biden has dementia, Romney has bi-polar disorder.
26Vox Day, writing on WND: Legalizing same-sex marriage devalues straight marriage because that's how it works in economics! Also: "homogamy" is a word now.
16Joseph Farah, JAQin' off: Why did Obama do so poorly in the debate? Was he on goofballs?
18Erick Erickson endorses Joe Walsh, King of the Deadbeats, in this article. First Comment: "Joe is a true conservative. He conserved his child support money by not giving it to his ex-wife to support their children. He conserved his car insurance money by not giving it to the insurance company."
43Go home PETA, you're drunk.
-20Er...um...rape everywhere?
4Tim Tebow? Who's Tim Tebow?
10Islamophobia Watch is outraged, outraged, to see a liberal organisation defending freedom of speech.
38When a male general rapes a female subordinate, who's to blame? Women in the military, of course!
28Fuckwit wingnut throws a challenge to Bill Nye. Oh dear
18Dumbshit interviews his only fan Dumbass, who claims that Romney is behind in polls so that it'll be considered a miracle when he wins. Nevermind the fact that voters will have their say, but what would it mean if Romney loses? God works in mysterious ways!
25Is there a Watergate equivalent of Godwin's Law that would be appropriate for this?