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August 2012[edit]

25Start your facepalms, ladies and gentleman; there are two new chick tracts!
40Jon McNaughton finally releases his one painting that says it all.
10"The logic behind Protect the Polls is simple. If you are a legal gun owner in the state of Florida and you suspect someone on Election Day is committing voter fraud you can shoot him or her with your licensed weapon and not be charged with a crime." Update:Possibly a parody.(Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
15Gawker reads Godlike Productions so you don't have to: Moon Truthers react to Neil Armstrong's death.
37Monica Crowley from Fox News reminds us what Neil Armstrong's death is really about: Obama spreading Islam. (via Gawker, not The Onion)
11Prepare for the apocalypse with plenty of superfood smoothies and sea salt!
17Shorter S. E. Cupp: Racism, sexism, and classism are leftist conspiracy theories.
8Obama's "Plan B": Attack Israel to attack Iran and then send in unarmed US Soldiers. Makes sense to me.
34First, they moved my books to the Kindle, then they shoved me into an oven!
16Gay marriage will lead to more abortions, because “statistics show that unborn babies are four or five times more likely to be aborted outside real marriage.” Surprisingly, this is the UK being batshit insane, instead of the USA.
12Your next Rapture check point: Sept 25, 2012. And that's also why NASA cancelled the Shuttle program.
20The Hunger Games, a society where the poor are subjugated and forced to perform by an elite minority, is exactly where the elitist-hating poor-loving left-leaning socialist Barack Obama is taking us (also, there's a poll to screw over)
56Rush Limbaugh: "Hurricane is an Obama conspiracy to cancel the GOP Convention."
18Charles Koch demands economic "freedom" -- shatters irony meters.
38EN&V: "Intelligent design is not an argument from analogy. ... A bacterial flagellum is not analogous to an outboard motor; it is an outboard motor."
30Best reason yet to vote Romney? He has more sons than daughters, and that's a scientifically proven method for telling he's successful.
18Dr. Paul is going to be President and Mitt is trying to steal the most important 15 minutes of the election! Dr. Paul is the only one who cares about 'da Constitution and doesn't suck up to those darn Big Daddy GOP! Meet the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the average Paulbot.
42Meet 8 fellow fuckheads who think Todd Akin has a point.
-4Islamic cleric stopped clock? Buying popularity on Twitter is haram
34Right when we thought the birthers had skulked back to their hobbit holes, Sean Hannity reignites the flames. What the hell, Fox?
19In a brief flash of rationality, some denizens of Godlike Productions crowd-source a huge list of failed prophecies that had been posted on their site.
22A local Tory writes: Facts are stupid things. You can use them to prove anything that's remotely true. Take that, "science!" Followup: You're all sooo mean.
11A VSP gives us a glimpse into his bizarro world: "Ryan is a real fiscal conservative. He isn’t just another Tea-Party ideologue spouting dogma about less government and the magic of free enterprise."
15Sarah Maid of Albion: Basically, if you discount the black medallists in Britain's Olympic team, there weren't any black medallists in Britain's Olympic team!
18Are chemtrails hiding the Nibiru flyby as they brainwash us and depopulate the planet? (HT Skeptical Humanities)
24According to Sarah Palin, the currently-under-construction bullet train between San Francisco and Los Angeles is a "train to nowhere."
22It's official! Ham's Ark will have fire-breathing dragons!
18Remember the imbeciles who mocked the Japanese earthquake/Fukushima as "revenge for Pearl Harbor?" Here we go again. Even more depressing: it was on the anniversary of Nagasaki.
40Pat Robertson shows us he's a terrible human being part MCMXVIII.
7Might we be insinuating that liberal academia needs some wingnut welfare?
20Jon McNaughton, still full of shit.
25Science reporting at its best: PLoS One Study: Mitochondrial uncoupling protein 2 (UCP2) is induced by cellular stress... Here we show that natural birth in mice triggers UCP2 expression in hippocampal neurons. Daily Mail Headline: Babies born naturally 'have higher IQs than those delivered by caesarean section'
20Jerome Corsi's latest theory: Obama may be gay and previously married to a man.
38Bryan Fischer advocates kidnapping the children of gay couples, forgets that the original Underground Railroad was for people who wanted to escape. Clearly, not an American Dad! fan
20Phyllis Schlafly finally retreats to the kitchen that she says she belongs in compares the oppression of Christian values to the vilification of smokers. Sound familiar?
28Louisiana education: Slave owners were nice people, the KKK was ok, the Depression is liberal hype. And so a country's education system goes down the tubes.
10American girls don't use condoms anymore, so lets bang those bitch whores!! - all in your average day for your douchebag PUA.
15Romney landslide! based on numbers I got from somewhere
8Morrissey (aye, that prat singer off The Smiths) pulls one hell of a Godwin over the Olympics.
10Flingbooty goes for the fundie trifecta: The Mars Rover "Curiosity" was designed by God, it's proof of Intelligent Design and if it does find life, that life came from Earth, thanks to the Flood.
4MRA theologian: "Mary Magdalene fucked an alien to get preggers and got Joe the carpenter to pay for it all."
28Hey Faux: Shut the fuck up.
16Birthers in three words: Obama's alleged mother.
12ZOMG!ZION! A British Olympic team is "spearheading the New World Order"! A TV presenter said it, so it must be significant!
10Do you know that there's sinister Illuminati symbolism everywhere? Especially in Google Doodles (Olympic or not), Katy Perry video clips, the outlines of residential areas and power plants and, of course, Illuminati! cards.
11Truly some disturbing people on the internet. James Holmes, the Aurora shooter, has a fandom.
11WND ramps up the crazy and paranoia over Iran and nukes.