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August 2008[edit]

3Barack Obama answers a set of questions from science and engineering groups. McCain's response is still awaited.
3Sarah Palin's Wikipedia entry gets whitewashed - before the big announcement!
3Quoted on Dawkins Net The original article shows dung beetles evolving now.
2Pat Buchanan praises Obama's nomination speech, causing everything from pigs flying to Hell freezing over to occur.
3John McCain picks Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, as his running mate. Expect an increase in "mooseburger" jokes.
6According to a John McCain adviser, "everyone in the U.S. has some health coverage" - because emergency rooms are the best place to get preventative care, a physical, advice on how to lose weight...?
2Need to know where (magnetic) north is? Then align yourself with a cow.
4An outbreak of listeria kills 15 and hospitalizes another 14 in Canada. For his part, Health Minister Tony Clement thinks that's hilarious, while PETA uses it to jump start their Eat meat and die! campaign.
7Times are tough all over. Even the price of rat meat has quadrupled.
8CERN announces the end of the world. September, 10th, 2008. Live webcast here. Well okay they aren't colliding the beams yet, so we have another month to live.
-9The Christian Right's Got a New Stealth Tactic to Smuggle Creationism into Science Class (Christian Science Monitor: August 27, 2008) Hattip Fark.com
5If the GOP has given McCain priority over some of their favorite topics like oil-drilling in Alaska and denying citizenship to the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants then you can tell how desperate they are.
1The Obama assassination threats (big page) have begun.
16In Sweden schools can't say religion is true. Scandinavia 1 Rest of world 0
7LPGA to South Korean players: rearn Engrish! Kansas commentators enthusiastically support the move.
9In Arkansas an initiative to ban adoption outside of marriage is on the ballot. But we're sure the kids would rather not have parents than have two daddies. Or a mommy and a daddy without a magic piece of paper.
4Physicists announce that they can reverse the Casimir force producing levitation.
5Australia's Northern Territory is under attack by not just one UFO, but several. Take cover!
0Margaret Thatcher? Crazy? Who would have guessed?! (Also in WIGO CP)
2Ah, the maturity of American Voters. Meet Puma, a new political non-party that serves as an outlet for Hillary supporters to bitch about how they had the election stolen from them. (PUMA is an acronym for "Party Unity, My Ass".) Read more about their craziness here.
8Did dinosaurs help build the pyramids?
2Joseph Biden announced as Barack Obama's choice as running mate.
2A set of high quality photos of Barack Obama's birth certificate are released. Is this finally going to shut up the internet cranks (and Fox News)?
4A report was released about the cause of WTC tower 7's collapse. No controlled demolition, but rather broken water mains. The 9/11 conspiracy kooks are not impressed by mere "science."
3The Republican National Committee has recommended not seating any of the Nevada delegates. Two warring slates of delegates have been proposed - one by the state chair, another by a group of Ron Paul supporters who hijacked the state convention.
8A man faces losing everything because he's on the US government's unspecified "watchlist". Kind of sucks for an American citizen with a 13-year military career who happened to convert to Islam
0Troops may leave Iraq by 2012.
1Two hot topics combined into one: sex and the Olympics
4So, John McCain, how many houses do you own? "I've lost count, but I'll have one of my staff tell you."
8After a lesbian high school student complained to the principal about harrassment he reported her to her parents, suspended students who protested, and caused the school district $325,000 in legal fees. Yet the small Christian community still supports him
4 How many goats are you worth? Find out!
2The IOC finally opens a formal investigation into possible probable cheating from the Chinese gymnastics team
4Darwin gets airtime
3Two also-rans for the Republican presidential nominee plan to gatecrash the DNC. Whether this is hilarious, sad or just plain annoying is up to you.
4A preacher from Australia's growing evangelical movement admits he lied to his congregation, friends and family about having cancer - which he had previously claimed gave him divine inspiration to write his hit song.
1Re-education in China for applying to protest at the Olympics.
1In American schools, minority and disabled students are more likely to be spanked than white non-disabled students.
4Toddler starved to death by religious cult because he wouldn't say amen.
0A Texas school district allows its teachers to carry guns.
-1 You wait decades for a cryptid, then all of sudden two of them come along at once.
4 Thank God for low petrol prices!
0James Hoyt, the last surviving of the four initial U.S. soldiers to discover Buchenwald, died this week.
4Virginia town holds "Sheep and Goat Olympics" - gives a whole new meaning to an awkward dismount
0Obama and McCain to appear Aug. 16th in evangelical forum at the Saddleback Church in California.
2On a lighter note - Scottish penguin receives Norwegian military honours.
2Bad news for journalists which doesn't help anyone interested in the truth.
1McCain shows his mettle in defending Georgia. Perhaps Fox News is on to something this time?
2Gunman shoots and kills Arkansas Democratic chairman.
2Iraq may have a budget surplus of $79 billion by the end of the year. Wait, WHAT THE FUCK?! Content Warning: This is an editorial by Christopher Hitchens, you might not like it, but if you try arguing with him it'll make your head asplode
2Attorney General Mukasey won't file charges against people that politicized the Department of Justice. Wow, big surprise there... New York Times. August 12, 2008
7Federal court rejects lawsuit trying to force University of California schools to accept creationist and ahistorical Christian fundamentalism classes as college credit. And more: the application for a teaching position at the rejected hallowed halls of learning (this takes a while to download). Of particular note: Page 11: "Briefly give your Christian testimony." Page 15: "What is your philosophy of discipline? Your attitude toward physical punishment?" Page 16: "What do you believe about the origin of the earth and mankind?"
7 Suggesting your opponent either has the support of god, or is the anti-Christ might just show how desperate you really are. The ad
3The invisible hand of polygamy?
-1Police in Maryland raid the mayor's home, killing his two dogs in the process. His crime? He saw a package on his front porch addressed to his wife and carried it inside. Or is that the whole story?
-4Bush might be the first U.S. president to go abroad for the Olympics, but we doubt that's going to overshadow all the other wonderful acts he's (in)famous for.
6Leader of the Anglican Communion, Archbishop Rowan Williams, says that "an active sexual relationship between two people of the same sex might therefore reflect the love of God in a way comparable to marriage, and expressed that he hoped the church might change its stance on homosexuality.
6Remember the McCain ad that compared Barack Obama to Paris Hilton? Well, Paris Hilton replies. We can now add "Making Paris Hilton look smart by comparison" to McCain's list of accomplishments.
3Nebraska State Senator sues God, in an effort to have Him cease making "terroristic threats". (He's apparently doing it to make a point about frivolous lawsuits, but it's still funny.)
1War on Terror(TM): New "fake-proof" electronic passports can be easily faked. Back to square one...
2Catholic Italy tops the wife-swapping league
3International treaties don't apply in Texas if they get in the way of an execution.
2Preacher by day, killer, rapist, sodomist and child abuser also by day. - according to charges.
2Supporting continuing gas and oil production in Alaska over protecting a threatened species of bear. Seems fair, doesn't it?
2Another reason to hate the Olympics - it's making work hard for Chinese prostitutes and strippers
2A police officer in Ohio has been acquitted in the shooting death of an unarmed woman holding a baby Hmmm, white officer, black woman, all white jury in a predominently white state.... Why does this not surprise me?
-3Tired of waiting in line for airport security checks? Get the Clear Card, and fly through those checkpoints!
3 Need an urgent operation? Of course you can have it, but only if you spy for us.
5 The Church of England welcomes peoples of all nations and colours. But not liberals.
0 Move over, Muslim extremists; here come the wine terrorists!