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Russ Miller

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Russ Miller is an American Young Earth creationist, intelligent design advocate, and founder of Creation, Evolution and Science Ministries. Miller claims he has over 165 college credits and states, “I’m a generalmManager" but does not mention a degree. Miller has hosted several creationist seminars, presenting to the audience his views why evolution is not scientific.

In his seminars, he repeats typical creationist arguments that have been refuted thousands of times. Miller believes that dinosaurs co-existed with humans in the Garden of Eden, and has shown pictures from Kent Hovind's creation seminars to support his claims.

Miller has been challenged to defend himself, in a court of law, from the claim that he is a liar and a fraud. He refuses to answer the charge, leaving questions as to the integrity of his teaching. It is believed that he is taking donations to fund his lifestyle and acknowledges that his 'ministry' will have to present its finances to the court.